Beten, das die Welt umkreist


January 18, 2000
Covenant Renewal in Schoenstatt

"Beiträge zum Gnadenkapital" werden in der Weltkugel verbrannt.

(mkf) United with the Schoenstatt family all over the world, Schoenstatt members joined for the first covenant renewal in the year 2000. Afterwards, all gathered around the covenant fire. The sheets of paper with the contributions for the capital of grace were burnt. Joyful songs, and spontaneous sharing of Schoenstatt experiences marked the atmosphere of joy in the covenant.

"If you would be less than 60 miles from Schoenstatt, would you not drive there to join the covenant renewal?" A 30-year-old member of the Professional Women is astonished when asked why she drove 50 minutes from the place where she was staying for some days of studies. "I knew, the covenant is renewed here on each 18th of the month. So when I saw it did not snow I knew I'd go to Schoenstatt tonight."

Pfarrer Matthias Wiebel, Schönstatt.
Beim Aufschreiben der Beiträge zum Gnadenkapital.

Fr. Matthias Wiebel, Schoenstatt Priests' Federation, led the first covenant renewal in the year 2000. Some Schoenstatt sisters accompanied the songs with guitars and flute. Members of various Schoenstatt communities gathered in the adoration church which still had Christmas decoration. Like usual, the International Schoenstatt was well represented by Schoenstatters from various countries - like Ireland, Check Republic, India, USA, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile ...

Fr. Wiebel reminded everyone that on this very day the Holy Door at St. Paul's in Rome was opened, and invited everyone to pray for the unity of all Christians. Each covenant renewal has a specific theme given by the various years' mottoes of the branches. This month, it was the motto of the Schoenstatt Men's groups. Fr. Wiebel spoke about their goal to create style of prayer and of life marked by an eucharistic approach - with Mary and through her.

Everyone was invited to write their contributions to the capital of grace on slips of paper, which were collected. For the covenant renewal, the international Schoenstatt family was included, as well as all those who had come to the crib during the recent weeks and whose names had been written on stars.

Afterwards, all went outside for the sheets of paper with the contributions to the capital of grace to be burnt in the fire. The place in front of the adoration church is a construction site right now - some damage due to ice has to be repaired -, but yet everyone found a place to stand. The typical "Covenant Renewal" flair made many stay longer in spite of darkness and drizzle: Joyful songs, spontaneous sharing of Schoenstatt experiences and news, getting to know others, talking with each other without really knowing the others' language - simply the experience of belonging to one family, united in the covenant of love.

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