Beten, das die Welt umkreist / Prayer Around the World


Prayer Around the World
Beten, das die Welt umkreist
La oración que abraza al mundo

12. 31. 1999 - 01. 01. 2000

When the year 2000 begins on the islands of Fiji, then a few thousand miles further due west on our earth, the doors to the tabernacle in the little Schoenstatt Shrine in Mulgoa/Sydney will be opened.
When 24 hours later the year 2000 will have begun on Hawaii, a joyful "Amen" will resound as the doors of the tabernacles in the Schoenstatt Shrines in Queretaro, Mexico, and Lamar, Texas (USA) will be closed.

This immense circumfere of our globe will be encompassed by a great time of prayer, which will in fact surround the whole world - from shrine to shrine in every continent and time zone, indeed for 24 hours. From Australia, via Asia to Africa, to Europe and the Americas people will meet in the various Schoenstatt Shrines.

Schoenstatt will begin the year 2000 with a prayer that will encircle the whole globe. Around the world members of Schoenstatt, united in a Covenant of love, will open Shrines and tabernacles to begin the new millennium with Christ, who was born of Mary in the 'fullness of time'. The incarnation, and resurrection of Christ shape every year, every day, and every moment, and therefore the 'fullness of time' is ever present.

World-wide, millions of people experience the "here and now" and "for me" of the incarnation, through their visit to a Schoenstatt Shrine. To help all men experience this in a 'culture of love' and solidarity is the reason for this prayerful vigil around the globe.

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