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 published: 2009-06-02

Oh I would love to be up there!

The wish came true, our Mother listened to my heart a year ago- A life testimony from Marco González, Paraguay


18. Oktober in Tuparenda – Messe: Was wäre ich doch gern dort, da oben!

El 18 de octubre en Tuparenda – Misa  ¡Como me gustaría estar ahí, arriba!

October 18 in Tuparenda – Holy Mass: How I would love to be up there!

18. Oktober in Tuparenda – Messe: Was wäre ich doch gern dort, da oben!



Die Laternen markieren den Weg zum Heiligtum 


Los veleros marcan el camino al Santuario

The lamps show the way to the Shrine

Die Laternen markieren den Weg zum Heiligtum 


Die Gruppe “Marias Licht” in Tuparenda


Grupo LUZ DE MARIA con el Padre Deo en Tuparenda

The group “Light of Mary” in Tuparenda

Die Gruppe “Marias Licht” in Tuparenda


Bei der Arbeit




Bei der Arbeit



Misión cumplida



Fotos: Gonzales © 2009



It was on an October 18th at Tupãrenda. Our job as a couple at our Mother and Queen was to arrange votive candles from the walkway up to the entrance of the Tupãrenda Shrine.

We were crouched for more than an hour and a half arranging votive candles inside paper bags with sand inside just to light them before the last mass at 8 p.m. when I looked up to glance at the altar that was ready, beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, white altar-cloth, and large picture of our Blessed Mother holding Baby Jesus in her arms. Just one thought crossed my mind at that time: "Oh, I would like to be up there!"

We enthusiastically continued with our chore, taking care of the votive candles, changing candles, and ensuring that no one would have an accident… especially all those curious children. At the end of mass, we gathered with our fellow group members of Mary’s Light and all the volunteers that helped us to arrange 800 votive candles. We were all happy to be done with such a precious chore; we took pictures, shared a snack, and said our farewells see you next time.

Accepting the liturgy team invitation.

A few months later, Marta, my wife received an invitation as a couple from the Tupãrenda liturgy team. At that time, it looked like an impossible mission too coordinate with our jobs, the new four-month old member of our family… Roque Tobias, and a night shift at the Emergency room at the Shrine clinic one Sunday per month…

I asked Martha to accept the invitation. We attended the team meetings and learned that we needed more training for this new chore. Very soon, my wife began a liturgy class every Saturday morning at the Archdioceses, I couldn’t attend the class fully, but I did take part of some meetings and the final retreat. Marta would keep me posted on the progress of the class, sharing what she learned from the books and from the teachers.

October 18th, 2007

At the beginning, we were only assigned the fifth Sunday of the month…accompanied by another couple, who had more experience. Little by little, we learned quickly to prepare scripts that became nicer with time.

On October 18, 2007, working along with the liturgy team, the wish that our Mother had heard the previous year became a reality… there I was up in front helping out with the liturgy celebration, happy and really with that same thought…Oh! I would like to be up there!

Translation: Gaby Fernandez, Wenatchee, USA



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