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 published: 2009-06-26

The fruits of the first Covenants

Around the wayside shrine at Coronel Dorrego, Argentina


Jahrestag des Bildstocks in Coronel Dorrego, Argentinien

Aniversario de la ermita en Coronel Dorrego, Argentina

Anniversary of the wayside shrine in Coronel Dorrego, Argentina

Jahrestag des Bildstocks in Coronel Dorrego, Argentinien


Wallfahrt zum Bildstock

Peregrinación hacia  la ermita

Pilgrimage to the wayside shrine

Wallfahrt zum Bildstock

Früchte der ersten Liebesbündnisse…  

Frutos de las primeras alianzas ...

Fruit of the first Covenants…

Früchte der ersten Liebesbündnisse…

Fotos: Ema Fournau © 2009


ARGENTINA, Edda Fournau. Just as every year, the anniversary of the wayside shrine at Coronel Borrego, Argentina was truly a celebration of love for the Blessed Mother and her Son. They departed from Immaculate Church at 2:00 p.m. accompanied by the pastor, Father Hugo Díaz and Father Jany; they prayed and sang to the Vivero Municipal where the Blessed Mother awaited them at the wayside shrine. There they experienced the events that were planned with much love and emotion: The Blessed Mother and Her Son, Jesus received the children’s consecrations of the new little missionaries, the expectant mothers consecrated their pregancies, a couple sealed their Covenant, and the community renewed their mission.

When they returned, Father Hugo was waiting in the parish hall with mate (herbal tea). Once the Auxiliary and the Pilgrim MTAs were displayed, everyone prepared to share some texts and they recalled the time of the first Creole Covenants (1944-1945) in Borrego. Furthermore, Father Hugo manifested his desire to bond the youth with the Movement even more, it is an important subject and "She" is already taking care of it.

Bonded through Mary let us build our community

In his talk, Father Daniel Jany invited them to live totally for love. God created everything for love through love, with love, and for love. We, as children of Mary, happily and freely embrace this universal law relying on the Covenant of Love, which increases our spirituality, our love for the Blessed Mother and also towards our brethen. Father Daniel referred to some journey presented by Father Kentenich about "The sources of joy" – the title of the work that contains the corresponding texts, texts, which he encourged us to read.

The community of the wayside shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt experienced a very special day, where the presence of the Holy Spirit was truly felt; it was an afternoon in which the graces of the"Shrine of the Mother and Queen of the People on Paso Mayor became alive in the pilgrims, just as the motto reads: "Bonded through Mary we build our community". For this reason the community thanks God for his great love; for giving us Mary as a Mother; For Father Hugo, who accompanies and encourages us in the mission; for Father Daniel, who is always attentivie to our processes, our slow processes of growth and he encourages this new stage of the history of humanity, to learn how to move "not out of fear, rather for love"; for Father Rogelio, who always contributes a message that encourages and enriches. The community is grateful to everyone who accompanied them and those who spiritually accompany us on this pilgrimage to the Father.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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