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 published: 2009-06-30

Traveling with the MTA: a miraculous experience

Meeting of the Pilgrim MTA Campaign in Bydgoszcz, Poland


Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Heiligtum von Bydgosz während der Tagung der Kampagne

Peregrinas en el Santuario de Bydgosz , Polonia,  durante la Jornada de la Campaña

Pilgrim MTAs in the Shrine in Bydgosz, Poland, during the meeting of the Campaign

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Heiligtum von Bydgosz während der Tagung der Kampagne






Segnung neuer Bilder  

Bendición de las nuevas peregrinas

Blessing of new Pilgrim MTA pictures

Segnung neuer Bilder

Eucharistischer Segen  

Bendición con el Santisimo

Eucharistic Blessing

Eucharistischer Segen





Fotos: Violetta Wilandt © 2009


POLAND, M. Violetta Wilandt. On the first Saturday of June 2009 at the Shrine in Bydgoszcz, people who receive and coordinate the Pilgrim MTA gathered. All together it was around 120 people from Bydgoszcz and Gniezno dioceses.

Sister M.Katarzyna and Sister M. Elwira facilitated the meeting. First everyone greeted the Blessed Mother, looked at their programs, and listened as Sister M. Katarzyna gave a talk about the Pilgrim MTA and Her work among the people She visits entitled: Love for love. Preparations for the Covenant of Love’s centenary in 2014 and information about the planned visit of the new Auxiliary Pilgrim MTA for Europe were shared.

At noon after praying the Angelus Domini, Holy Mass began and everyone prayed for the coordinators of Pilgrim MTA, for a couple, Barcin, Maria and Tadeusz, on their 40th wedding anniversary, and for eternal life in Heaven for Genowefa Wojciechowska from Września. Father Janusz Sawicki from Łochowo together with Father Adam Zalesiak from Września and O. Tadeusz, a Capuchin, concelebrated Holy Mass. During Mass three new Pilgrim MTAs were blessed and all renewed their task with common prayer.

After Mass everyone stayed in the Shrine and worshiped Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The Blessed Mother was also thanked for setting out from the Shrine as Pilgrim Mother and for choosing people to carry Jesus Christ to homes, families, and the places where they live and work.

She works miracles

Stronger in the spirit, we went to the House for lunch and fellowship. After lunch there was an unusual time of sharing people’s personal testimonies. The Blessed Mother provided so many miracles in personal and family life. Stories about healing from illnesses or a rescue from a car accident were heard uniting the whole family into praying for one another. One could see the commitment and courage of people, who despite all circumstances carry the Blessed Mother to families, to neighbors, parishes, and other people.

The time passed by so fast! Then it was time to say goodbye to the Blessed Mother in the Shrine and to be sent out once more with the Pilgrim MTA ready to be Her instruments: to carry Her to people who need Her and who want to receive Her into their homes, families, and hearts.

Furthermore, in the Shrine, the Blessed Mother is awaiting the next meeting with those who help Her go and visit more and more people...

See you next time in the Shrine!

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