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 published: 2009-06-30

Be the Blessed Mother’s arms and feet

Illuminated rosary and consecration of missionaries on the 24th Anniversary of John Pozzobon’s death


27. Juni, Todestag von Joao Pozzobon – Feier in Tucumán

27 de junio: Aniversario del fallecimiento de Don Joao Pozzobon, celebrado en Tucumán

June 27, anniversary of John Pozzobon’s death – celebration in Tucumán

27. Juni, Todestag von Joao Pozzobon – Feier in Tucumán


Übernahme der Pilgernden Gottesmutter

Entrega de peregrinas

Commissioning of new missionaries

Übernahme der Pilgernden Gottesmutter

Heilige Messe  

Santa Misa

Holy Mass

Heilige Messe

Lydia und ihre Familie  

Lydia y su familia

Lydia and her family

Lydia und ihre Familie


Rosario Iluminado

Illuminated Rosary



La ermita de Don Joao Pozzobon

The John Pozzobon memorial


Fotos: Silvia Losada © 2009


ARGENTINA, Silvia Losada. John Pozzobon, who initiated the Rosary Campaign: lived for the shrine and he walked until he met his death. John’s memorial at Shrine in Tucumán was framed with leafy tree and fragrant flowers, sheltered by the Blessed Mother. This was the beautiful scene that welcomed the pilgrims and missionaries who wanted to pay tribute to John Pozzobon, the "little donkey" of the Blessed Mother, on June 27th.

An enormous rosary made with candles covered the floor of the memorial. Our Fathers and Hail Marys were prayed with much emotion by all the participants. And children and youth also participated.

The Rosary and the Pilgrim MTA, which was his shield, accompanied John during this commemoration. He also received the affection and gratitude of those who continue his mission, who joined the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign to be the Blessed Mother’s arms and feet.

Children before God

A highlight of the event was that 17 new missionaries received the Pilgrim MTA during the Holy Mass celebrated by Father Martín Aversano.

In his homily, Father Martin stressed that "as people grow, they become less dependent on their parents. But the opposite occurs in spiritual growth: the closer we are to God, the more we depend on Him.

"That spiritual infancy should be cultivated, we should feel happy to be children before God", he concluded.

As a conclusion for the Holy Mass, the opening of the Year of Priest was recalled, and we prayed for priests and for priestly vocations.

Always walking besides the Blessed mother

As the missionaries received the Pilgrim MTA they expressed their emotions in different ways.

Lidia had been invited by Father Martin to give her testimony to those who attended, but tears prevented her from doing it. After Mass, she related that her life and that of her family changed completely through the visit of the Blessed Mother, who had been brought to them by her sister.

Upon seeing the transformations that She was accomplishing in her home, she asked to keep the Pilgrim MTA for some time so that she could mission to her neighbors. And the Blessed Mother continued working…!

When she visited the Shrine she did not doubt that she should be a missionary. Today, she gave her Yes to the Blessed Mother with all her heart, and she embraced the Pilgrim MTA with emotion. She related that two of her grandchildren also want to be little missionaries and they have begun their preparation.

Besides the 51 missionaries, who were consecrated at the beginning of the month, the Rosary Campaign of Tucumán is growing with 3 new male missionaries, another task that was faced during the current year.

"The finger of God pointed, and the Mother of God led everything, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, and the little donkey walked…" John said. Like him, the missionaries want to walk through the road, carrying the graces of the Shrine, always walking resides the Blessed Mother.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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