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 published: 2009-05-08

Seven newly ordained priests work in parishes… and the Pilgrim Mother with them

Schoenstatt growing in Nigeria


Die sieben neugeweihten Schönstattpatres aus Nigeria

Los siete Padres de Schoenstatt de Nigeria, ordenados en Diciembre de 2008

The seven newly ordained Schoenstatt Fathers in Nigeria

Die sieben neugeweihten Schönstattpatres aus Nigeria


P. Alfred Kistler beging seinen 40. Weihetag

El P. Fred Kistler celebró el 40° aniversario de su ordenación

Fr. Fred Kistler celebrated his 40th anniversary

P. Alfred Kistler beging seinen 40. Weihetag

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NIGERIA, Nwahia Camillus Chinenye. Schoenstatt is growing in Nigeria around the Victory Shrine in Ibadan and in many places of the country… The Schoenstatt Fathers celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Fr. Fred Kistler’s ordination. Youth from Chile and Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary from South Africa arrived in Nigeria, where the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign’s ten years is being marked and where an upcoming conference is being prepared with much love and gratitude.

After their ordination in December, the seven new priests had some four weeks time to celebrate Thanksgiving Masses in their home parishes and the various Outstations. Since then, they all assumed their first assignment in various parishes across Nigeria.

Frs. Magnus and Chigozie are in Lagos, Frs. Paul and Reginald in Abuja, Fr. Claudius is in Benin City, and Frs. Valentine and Justin are in Eastern Nigeria in the Awka and Umuahia Dioceses respectively. In February and April, they met twice as a course group in Ibadan to share their experiences with Fr. Kistler. From all indications, they themselves and also the parishes where they are working are glad to have them around. After their last meeting, ten Pilgrim Mother Pictures traveled with them to the various parishes.

Fr. Kistler 46 years a Priest

On the 30th of March 2009, Fr. Kistler marked the 46th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. The House Community celebrated it during the Eucharist in the morning and with contributions of speeches and songs after supper. In this way, the Brothers showed their gratefulness for the priestly ministry of Fr. Alfred, who has been among them for more than a decade. Fr. Kistler in his appreciation remark told the Brothers that his ordination still remains the most important event in his life.

On a similar note, Fr. Klaus remembered the "silver jubilee" of the first contract-consecration he did together with the members of his course, Effigies Patris dignificans, on the 25th of March 1984.

4th Group of Chilean Schoenstatt Youths has arrived

Just before Palm Sunday, Gonzalo Villaseca and Matias Ulloa arrived in Nigeria to continue the work of building up the Youth Movement in Ibadan. They are already the 4th team of the Eagle of Hope Project who work together with three of the students for the founding of the Schoenstatt Youth. Gonzalo returned for the second time, which made it much easier for them to adjust and get down to work. As a welcome gift, they immediately received a visa for three months. This gives reason to the hope that more youths will find in Schoenstatt a way to live their faith with Mary and like Mary today.

Information and Selection Meeting 2009

After scrutinizing some 180 applications to the Community, nineteen applicants were invited for the information /selection meeting for the year 2009/10. After the break between 2003 till 2005, this was the fourth interview for prospective candidates. The meeting starts on Easter Monday evening and closes on Easter Saturday morning. The candidates participate in the usual activities of the house (prayers, meals, functions, sports) and have a mixed program of talks, group discussions, a mini academic exam, preparation of dramatic skits, and the interviews with Fr. Kistler and Fr. Klaus. Since the result is not yet approved, the information will come later.

Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Nigeria

As a result of Sr. Iona’s visit to Nigeria last year September, one of the ladies who came to Ibadan has been invited to spend a few months with the Sisters in South Africa. Bridget Choji left at the end of March to join a lady from Kenya for this first contact with the Sisters.

As a follow-up to this, we expect the visit of Sr. M. Joanne in July. She will reach out to the girls and mothers who meet already on a regular basis in the shadow of the Shrine in Ijokodo.

Pilgrim MTA Apostolate will be ten this year

In November it will be ten years since the first Pilgrim MTA Coordinator was commissioned and the Pilgrim Mother started to travel through the neighborhood of Villa Maria. Since then more than ninety pictures have traveled in fourteen out of the thirty-six Federal States of Nigeria with a big concentration in Benin City. The forthcoming convention of the coordinators on Sunday, May 17th, 2009, will be the starting point to mark this event at the Victory Shrine.



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