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 published: 2009-05-12

People, who are restless to do something in society from the Catholic –Schoenstatt perspective

Two new groups for the Family Work in Coronel Suárez


Erstes Treffen der neuen Familiengruppe in Coronel Su árez

Primer encuentro del nuevo grupo de familias en Coronel Suárez

First meeting of  the new familia group in Coronel Suárez

Erstes Treffen der neuen Familiengruppe in Coronel Suárez



Grupo de familias

family group


Die erste Gruppe der Familienbewegung  

El primer grupo de la Obra Familiar

The first group of the Family Movement

Die erste Gruppe der Familienbewegung


Fotos: P. Esteban Casquero © 2009


ARGENTINA, Father Esteban Casquro/mkf. The stream of life grows at an unthinkable pace when the community gives its "Yes". I was ready to publish the news about one new group for the Family Work from Coronel Suárez and at the moment I was going to type the article…It was confirmed that it was not one group; rather there were two new groups!

Coronel Suárez is a city of about 40,000 inhabitants, located in the southern province of Buenos Aires. It possesses an important social, cultural and historic patrimony in the three German neighborhoods of Volga. Father Esteban Casquero, who was ordained in 2008, and he is a candidate for the Diocesan Institute of Priests. In February of 2008, he was assigned to the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen in this city that belongs to the Archdiocese of Bahia Blanca, and he has begun to work with Schoenstatt, which was brought to this city some years ago by the Federation Fathers.

At the beginning of April a new group of the Family Work began to meet following the proposal called "Project Jubilee". Within the context of the Jubilee of the National Shrine, 2001, several dioceses of Argentina assumed this pedagogical itinerary developed in Paraguay for couples entering the Schoenstatt Family Work. This initiative has made a strong growth of the family Work possible, not only in number; rather also in the commitment with Schoenstatt. This is the fruit of the organic work in total freedom that provides guidance for those with personal anxieties and also for those of the couple, leading them towards the typical Schoenstatt spirituality and apostolate.

"The Blessed Mother continues to bless us with people, who are restless to do something in society from the Catholic –Schoenstatt perspective", Father Esteban explains. Other couples have joined this large group; therefore, it had to be divided into two groups. This was possible thanks to the divine initiative and the generosity of some of the couples of the first group who began last year and who are giving their time and Marian charism to accompany these brothers and sisters.

This is a clear testimony of couples who seek holiness in the company of others, and at the same time, they invite new couples to join them on the road.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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