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 published: 2009-05-12

How can we explain this gift from God?

Within the missionary stream towards the centenary of the Covenant: Schoenstatt University Missions in Paraguay


Studenten-Misiones in Paraguay – in der missionarischen Strömung zur Hundertjahrfeier des Liebesbündnisses

Misiones universtarias en Paraguay – en la corriente misionera rumbo al centenario de la Alianza

University missions in Paraguay – in the missionary current towards the centenary of the Covenant

Studenten-Misiones in Paraguay – in der missionarischen Strömung zur Hundertjahrfeier des Liebesbündnisses


Misioneros in Pirayú

Misioneros en Pirayú

Missionaries in Pirayú

Misioneros in Pirayú

Werkzeuge der Gottesmutter für ein grenzenloses Schönstatt  

”¡Instrumentos de María, Schoenstatt sin fronteras!”

Instruments of Mary for a Schoenstatt without frontiers

Werkzeuge der Gottesmutter für ein grenzenloses Schönstatt

Heute Pirayú, morgen – wer weiß…  

Hoy Pirayú, mañana no sabemos.

Today Pirayú, tomorrow – who knows

Heute Pirayú, morgen – wer weiß…

Fotos: Franco © 2009




PARAGUAY, George Gernhofer. In the middle of the year, 2007, the common desire of several youth to set up summer missions emerged. The voices of being, time, and the soul demanded that we continue to take Mary to the people. As well as from the first moment, the founders felt that this would be a different mission; it would be unique. After many meetings, we were able to channel and to find the originality that beat in each one of us. This originality was based on living the mission by deepening the Covenant of Love with our Mother.

It was nothing "crazier" or more radical than conquering hearts by struggling together as allies, an irresistible treat. There were many challenges mostly because it was a mission that was new and the structure was not set. However we entrusted all our ideas to Mary, and our thoughts began to come together. The town chosen was Pirayú, a town, which opened the doors of its homes and its hearts to us.

After a long preparation, we set out on the afternoon of January 1st, with the weight of the celebration of the New Year upon us, but convinced that there was no better way to begin the year 2008..

Going on mission, receiving the mission

There was a different atmosphere experienced during those days, since we were only a few, we had the opportunity to be a united community, to be a family.

The spirituality was totally Schoenstatt, and which could be felt throughout the mission. The main objective was fulfilled in that each person deepen his Covenant of Love with Mary, constantly making contributions to the Capital of Grace, and growing interiorly.

God not only gave us that gift. The youth of the town joined us on the mission taking "their" Pirayú smiles filled with hope to people’s homes.

For Mission 2009, we multiplied; two schools went, and we continued with the same spirit.

May this be the start of something big

We have also had the grace of being accompanied by seminarians since the first mission. Last year Santi Cacavelos and Oscar "the precise one" Zaldívar were with us. This year we had Manuel López Cristaldo, Guillermo Martínez, Juanca Vera, and Manuel López Naón.

Thank you to those who supported us from the beginning, above all, our adviser and guide, Father Tommy.

Thank you Blessed Mother and may this be start of something big, which is the desire of its founders:

Pablito Martínez, Gaby Suarez, Bruno Vacotti, Franco Santa Cruz, Cintia Colman, Ivan Ferreira, Joselu Centurion, Anto Boungermini, Elsi Samaniego, Alexa Vuckovich, Juana Talavera, Ignacio Galeano, Tere Santiviago, Cristhine Sullivan Kent, Hugo Medina, Olguita Caballero, Santi Cacavelos, Oscar Saldivar, Georgi Gernhofer, Joaquin Santiviago, Fio Vacotti, Josie Vuckovich, Peque Vierci, Mateo Dominguez, Pati Recalde, Pati Morinigo, Vero Turro, Edu "el inge" Almirón, Marijo de Almirón, and Fernando Paniagua.

The word "Schoenstatt" translated to Spanish means "beautiful place". Wherever we take Schoenstatt, God transforms it into a beautiful place. Today Pirayú, tomorrow who knows?

"¡Instruments of Mary, Schoenstatt without borders!"

Source: Tuparenda, April 2009

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA/amj



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