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 published: 2009-05-15

Beloved pilgrim of Mary, we accompany you to Rome

The Rosary Campaign from Goya, Argentina, accompanies the trip of the documents of John Pozzobon’s process of canonization to Rome


Taufe in der Heiligen Messe der Kampagne in Goya

Bautismo en la Misa de la Campaña, Goya

Baptism in the Holy Mass of the Campaign, Goya

Taufe in der Heiligen Messe der Kampagne in Goya






Während der Messe  

Durante la Misa

During the Holy Mass

Während der Messe

Pfr. Rudolfo  

El. P. Rudolfo

Fr. Rudolfo

Pfr. Rudolfo





Fotos: Inés Petiti © 2009


ARGENTINA, Inés Petiti. Just like every second Sunday of the month, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign from Goya was in charge of the Holy Mass at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Lavalle. The Mass was filled with emotion: we prayed to the Lord in the house of his Mother to accompany the steps of John Pozzobon on his trip to Rome, since the documentation of the process of canonization , which closed on May 8th in the Diocese of Santa Maria, will arrive in Rome on May 18th.

Fathers Rodolfo and Father Luis con-celebrated the Holy Mass where the Pilgrim MTA held a very special place at the table of the Lord.

Just as God irrupted with his Pilgrim Mother on that September 10, 1950, a few days from the event of the filial heroism of this Servant of God, during the Sunday Holy Mass, the Pilgrim MTA, as Queen and Mother, returned to again make him resplendent.

Father Rodolfo is a Marian soldier, who loves the Blessed Mother, the work of Father Kentenich and that of John Pozzobon very much, whom he constantly made present during the Mass, expressing his gratitude to the Blessed Mother for all of her illumination in every family.

A very special gift for the Campaign and the Blessed Mother……

Lila , a missionary of the Campaign, who sings the songs about God beautifully, sang to the Blessed Mother with much emotion!

And, as a gift to the Campaign, a child was Baptized in a very touching ceremony. Father Rodolfo offered a place close to the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for the Blessed Mother’s wayside shrine. He said: "The Blessed Mother will be placed in the middle, Father Kentenich will be on one side of the Blessed Mother, and John Pozzobon will be on the other side"…what a gift!

Beloved pilgrim of Mary, we accompany you to Rome…thank you for being such a loyal student of Father Joseph Kentenich, and for leaving us such a beautiful work.

May your commitment, John Pozzobon, inflame our souls

Thank you my God for showing us that Mary is the surest bridge to reach Jesus.

John, our brother,
Do you remember when you held that handful of seeds in your hand?
And the irresistible desire to go out to sow?
Do you remember when many laughed at you, while you plowed the field, just for that couple of seeds?
And the perspiration when the sun burned, and the thirst, and the hunger?
Where did you get that passion for the crop?
Where did you get the faith for the harvest?
May you stubborness inspire us today and always.
May the level of your love question us.
May you commitment burn our souls.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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