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 published: 2009-05-15

SHE is the answer

"We have the privilege of receiving the Pilgrim MTA " – Across the USA the MTA comes to people of all walks of life


Sie kommt zu uns…


Ella viene a visitarnos...

She comes to visit us...

Sie kommt zu uns…

Foto: M.K.Fischer © 2009



I was kneeling before the statue of Mary at our parish church with my children. I simply wanted to thank her for all she has given me, to repay in a sense, and just to make her happy. So we were praying the Hail Mary in the languages we knew and I found myself tearing up thinking of the Holy Spirit overshadowing her. At that moment, Georgienne Neale comes to me and hands me a little holy card of the Mother Thrice Admirable. I also received your new booklet: United With Her. Well, I read it all in one night; I just couldn’t put it down. I belong to Families in Christ Jesus and lead a Catholic Home School and Little Flowers Group in the Woodbridge, VA, area and want to bring the Pilgrim MTA to them.

MC, Woodbridge, VA

Already before I received the Pilgrim MTA, I had a great devotion to our Lady. I had a lot of images of her and we celebrated every 12th of December. But I was thinking after I went to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico: Even though I have so many images of our Lady there was something missing: her presence. I started asking her to come like she did at Tepeyac. It didn’t matter to whom she would appear, but to come because we needed her very much (as none of us was worthy to see her.) Then Mrs. Bertha showed us the image of the MTA. I didn’t think this was God’s gift… I opened the doors of my house to her, but still not thinking this was the answer to my petition. After some years I have noticed, this answer is the right one. I have heard many answers from humble people who receive her in their homes…who like me receive her full of questions, and then have been able to understand the reason of her visit. For me it has not been easy, as on some occasions I did receive a reproaching remark because my husband likes to travel far and I can’t go with him; now he ends up helping me take her from one home to another and we don’t argue as before. The thing is that our Mother does her work and we do our part.

IO, Wellton, AZ

I am 14 years old in a family of five. We are a happy family thanks to God. But now that we have received the presence of the Blessed Virgin of Schoenstatt on Sept 5, 2008, we are even happier. Some changes have come about with her visit. For example, the problem of my mother trying to receive her license was solved. There was an obvious change in our health during her visit because the cold weather would always make us sick at this time and we were fine. Changes in the health of my uncle too were present as I prayed for him when he was sick and he got better. Her presence meant so much to our family and we hope she will continue visiting us.

JR, Wellton, AZ

We have the privilege of receiving the Pilgrim MTA three times a month to our homes. It makes us very happy to have her with us. For sure in two occasions she has worked miracles that we didn’t notice at the time, but later we realized she had worked the miracles. That is why we want her to continue to visit us as many times as she wants. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to honor us with her visit.

AB, Wellton, AZ

From: Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Newsletter, May 2009, USA




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