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 published: 2009-05-19

Requesting that we do it again

First Illuminated Rosary in Coventry, England


Erster Lichter-Rosenkranz in Coventry, England

Primer rosario iluminado en Coventry , Inglaterra

First Illuminated Rosary in Coventry , England

Erster Lichter-Rosenkranz in Coventry, England


Am Vortag des Bündnistages…

En vísperas de la día 18...

At the eve of the Covenant Day...

Am Vortag des Bündnistages…

Über 50 Personen gleich beim ersten Mal dabei  

Participaron más de 50 personas

More than 50 people participated

Über 50 Personen gleich beim ersten Mal dabei

Es war ein guter Anfang  

Un comienzo bueno

A good beginning

Es war ein guter Anfang

Fotos: Kunc © 2009


ENGLAND, Maria Geraldine Tiscornia Kunc. We (my husband Martin, my three daughters: Michelle, Josephine and Irina and I) arrived in Coventry, in a cold and snowy day of February. Looking for a Catholic Church in the neighborhood, we found the Church "Precious Blood and All Souls" in Earlsdon, Coventry and attended Sunday Mass. We were welcomed by a very amiable and friendly Priest. We felt instantly at home, and knew that this would be our Parish in Coventry. After a couple of months, we decided to speak to the Parish Priest about the Illuminated Rosary.

The times that we had made the Illuminated Rosary in the Parish in Purley, UK, had been really touching and people were happy to attend and for participate - this was a new place, with people whom we did not know and being ourselves new in the Parish, we weren’t sure if the Priest would agree to do it. We spoke with the Priest, and when we told him what was the ceremony was like, and we demonstrated the devotion with which we would do it, he immediately agreed. We finalised the details and set the date for Sunday 17th May (we would have wanted it to be on 18th May, but it was not possible) and we prepared all the materials for the day. The father promoted it by several weeks during the masses.

One after the other, adults and children approached the altar to place a candle in each bead of the Rosary

Finally the day arrived. It was a rainy Sunday of spring. We thought that because of the rain, many people would not come, but at the same time, something inside us told us that everything would be fine. We prepared the rosary at the foot of the altar, with flowers of several colours. People began to arrive. At the beginning we were just a few, until, at the stated time in the flyer, we were more than 50 souls, ready to celebrate our great devotion to the Virgin Mary.

The Priest began the celebration with words of devotion, and after meditation and prayers, the whole Church was full of songs to Mary. As we sang, all the souls united as one. One after the other, adults and children approached the altar to place a candle in each bead of the Rosary. Emotion invaded us and little by little we were illuminating the Rosary until completing it. We ended singing the "Regina Coeli" and the "Hail Queen" contemplating the whole illuminated Rosary.

A new experience

We took some photos as a remembrance of the day, and people approached us full of happiness and longing for us to make another Rosary Illuminated for August 15th.

Later, we got together for cakes and tea in the Parish hall. Many people thanked us for the blessing of praying the Rosary all together, in a new way, with the candles and the flowers. One lady thanked with great emotion and tears in her eyes, requesting that we do it again. Others confessed that, although they doubted in coming at first, enjoyed it very much and were happy for attending and for participating. It filled us with satisfaction and a lot of emotion that people received the Illuminated Rosary with as much joy and devotion. We hope that in August, many invite other friends and relatives and the congregation grows.

I am sure that in Heaven, there was also a celebration, while we celebrated the prayer of the Rosary.




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