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 published: 2009-05-22

Offering the fruits of the Covenant of Love

63 more 18th's until the great pilgrimage to the Original Shrine


Am 18. Mai in Schönstatt – Prozession zum Urheiligtum

18 de mayo en Schoenstatt – procesión rumbo al Santuario Original

May 18 in Schoenstatt – procession to the Original Shrine

Am 18. Mai in Schönstatt – Prozession zum Urheiligtum


Heilige Messe im Urheiligtum am Morgen

Santa Misa en el Santuario Original, en la mañana

Holy Mass in the Original Shrine early in the morning

Heilige Messe im Urheiligtum am Morgen

In der Pilgerkirche  

En la Iglesia de Peregrinos

In the Pilgrims’ Church

In der Pilgerkirche

Auf dem Weg zum Urheiligtum  

Rumbo al Santuario Original

Towards the Original Shrine

Auf dem Weg zum Urheiligtum

Erneuerung des Liebesbündnisses  

Renovación de la Alianza de Amor

Covenant Renewal

Erneuerung des Liebesbündnisses

Am Feuer  

Capital de gracias

Capital of Grace

Am Feuer

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Urheiligtum

Peregrinas en el Santuario Original

Pilgrim MTA’s in the Original Shrine

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Urheiligtum

Fotos: M.K.Fischer © 2009

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum




SCHOENSTATT, MKF. At 63 more 18th's until the great pilgrimage to the Original Shrine, May 18th advanced that great real and virtual pilgrimage, when at any moment of this day, from any Shrine wayside shrine, homeshrine or looking at the Pilgrim MTA hundreds and thousands of people went spiritually to the Original Shrine to renew the Covenant of Love.

This great pilgrimage to the Original Shrine - a decision of Conference 2014 that commits us and enthuses us -awakened much amazement on May 16th, when a "Reception" was organized, for the first time, for the representatives of politics and of society here in Schoenstatt.  The commitment and the desire of the many, many who are attached to this "little chapel" in the Schoenstatt Valley and who want to be here, impressed and motivated them to offer Schoenstatt all the support that is possible, in preparation for 2014 - this was expressed by the leader of the district as well as the dean from Koblenz, and the chief of police.

In the morning Monsignor Schnocks, the new rector at Mount Moriah, celebrated the Covenant Mass in the Original Shrine at 7:15 a.m. He sent a greeting in English and Spanish to everyone who was present via the Internet - from Germany, Spain, Switzerland to Chile, where it was only 1:15 a.m.! Together with all the Schoenstatt people in the world, those who were present renewed the Covenant of Love and loudly sang "Protect Us With Your Mantle" At approximately the same time, the documents of the process of canonization of John Pozzobon arrived to Rome, the eternal city, which will be presented to the Congregation of the Saints on May 20th - accompanied by the prayers of millions of missionaries!

Joseph Engling's process advancing in Rome

That afternoon during the Covenant Mass at the Pilgrims’ Church, the main celebrant, Father Joachim Schmiedl, not only mentioned this historic moment; rather, he also informed us of a decisive progression in the process of Joseph Engling that now allows for the formal opening of the Roman phase of his process. In his homily he recalled two historic acts that happened 60 years ago: The founding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the promulgation of the Constitution, on May 23, 1949, and the third milestone in Schoenstatt history, Father Kentenich’s offer of all the fruits of the Covenant of Love to the Church, on May 31st of 1949 in Bellavista, Chile.

Sending forth of the Father Symbol

During these days the itinerary for the trip of the Father Symbol to all the Schoenstatt Families throughout the world is already being prepared.  The solemn sending forth of the Symbol, a gift from Father Kentenich, 42 years ago, to the world will take place on July 8th, with a Holy Mass at 9:00 a.m. (local time) in the Original Shrine. The Mass will be transmitted live via:

What a gift for Father on the 99th Anniversary of his ordination!  And what a gift for the family, through this Symbol he will visit everyone.  "We hope that around his person our Family will be purified and will grow in unity to strengthen ourselves in our mission at the service of the Church and of society", reads Message 2014. It would truly be beautiful to send Father a "welcome", a "here we are, we go with you", to be placed in the Original Shrine on that day. 

Newsbrief: This weekend at Schoenstatt

The Novena for Pentecost began this afternoon – it also a novena for the 60th Anniversary of the 31st of May, the third milestone in Schoenstatt history.

This weekend, Schoenstatt will be filled with special pilgrims: the annual pilgrimage of motorcyclist will take place, concluding on Sunday with the blessing of the motorcycles and the motorcyclists.

In Memholz, Diocese of Augsburg, there will be a meeting of several businessmen, managers and people who work as leaders of industry in Switzerland, German and Austria, all of them have an attachment to Schoenstatt, and they will initiate a Kentenich Academy for leaders of industry.

On Sunday, May 24th, the new Bishop of Trier, the diocese to which Schoenstatt belongs, will assume his position. The Schoenstatt Family promised him their prayers.

On the same day a pilgrimage from Argentina will arrive to Schoenstatt: On May 25th, the National Day of Argentina and the opening of the bicentennial year; Father Ángel Strada will celebrate a Holy Mass with them in the Original Shrine at 10:00 a.m. It will be transmitted livevia:



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