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 published: 2009-05-26

A great joy, even with rain.

Men’s Rosary: From the Salvadador de Bahia Archdioceses of Brazil, the 4th walkathon by the Men’s Groups who pray the rosary


Männer tragen die MTA beim 4. Fußmarsch zum Heiligtum von Salvador, Brasilien

Homems carregam a MTA

Hombres cargando la Mater en la caminata al Santuario de Salvador, Brasil

Men carrying the MTA during the march to the Shrine of Salvador, Brazil

Männer tragen die MTA beim 4. Fußmarsch zum Heiligtum von Salvador, Brasilien


Ankunft am Heiligtum

Llegando al Santuario

Arriving at the Shrine

Ankunft am Heiligtum

Und es regnet und regnet…  

Llueve…y llueve…

It keeps raining…

Und es regnet und regnet…

Festlicher Einzug  


Solemn entrance

Festlicher Einzug

Weihbischof Dom Josafa Medes da Silva  

Mons. D. Josafa Medes da Silva

Auxiliary Bishop Josafa Medes da Silva

Weihbischof Dom Josafa Medes da Silva

Erfrischungen für alle  



Erfrischungen für alle

Fotos: Dal Molin © 2009


BRAZIL, Sr. M. Helena Dal Molin. At 6 o’clock in the morning of Saturday May 9th, they gathered at Our Lady of Aparecida Parish in the Imbui neighborhood close to the Shrine to begin their walkathon to the Tabor Matris Salvatoris Shrine.

For days our region went through torrential rain; that same day also began with rain.

A great number of men were at church at 6 a.m. to begin the walkathon with the prayer of the Immaculate, and then the rosary. The Daily Office, the Rosary, and the litanies were prayed… but the rain didn’t stop at all!

They then decided to place our Mother and Queen on top of a car with speakers. While two men secured the image, another one was enlivening the rest of the men with hymns and prayers; the walkathon then became a caravan of cars.

By 8 o’clock, they had made it to the Shrine. There was a long line of cars and buses with pilgrims. At the end of the procession, you could see the car that transported the image of our Mother.

They all came out of their cars and buses to wait for our Mother and Queen with singing and flag waving. It was a great joy even with non-stop rain.

Clapping hoorays, and more hoorays… and the rain kept going.

The Auxiliary Bishop, D. Josafa Mendes de Silva, was already waiting in the Shrine to begin the Eucharistic celebration that was to take place in the Pilgrims Tent; he was waiting for the caravan of people.

The Bishop was excited and talked about Don Joao Pozzobon regarding what he had heard at the Indiatuba Bishops Conference and what happened on May 8th regarding the completion of the diocesan process

This was a well-participated celebration. A group led the music; the whole liturgy was put together and prepared by men. It was a vibrant celebration that ended up with clapping, hoorays, and more hoorays… and a non-stop rain.

It is important to mention that representatives of twenty-one parishes took part in this rosary.

At the end, our Mother and Queen was taken to the Shrine. Near the Shrine there was a welcoming area, where they were offered refreshments of coffee, lots of fruit, "mingaus", sweets and bread. They all left happy!

Translation: Gaby Fernandez, USA/amj



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