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 published: 2009-05-26

Our Father adopted our hearts

First pilgrims from Costa Rica to Our Father’s Kingdom


Die Wallfahrt aus Costa Rica im Exilheiligtum in Milwaukee

La peregrinación de Costa Rica en el Santuario del Exilio, Milwaukee

The pilgrimage from Costa Rica in the Exile Shrine, Milwaukee

Die Wallfahrt aus Costa Rica im Exilheiligtum in Milwaukee


Gitarrenspiel nur für Pater Kentenich

Tocando la guitara por el Padre

Playing guitar for Father Kentenich

Gitarrenspiel nur für Pater Kentenich

Ankunft auf dem Flughafen in Chicago  

Llegando en el aeropuerto de Chicago

Arrival at Chicago Airport

Ankunft auf dem Flughafen in Chicago

Vor dem Exilheiligtum  

Frente del Santuario del Exilio

In front of the Exile Shrine

Vor dem Exilheiligtum

Die ganze Gruppe  

Todo el grupo

The entire group

Die ganze Gruppe

Fotos: Michelle Ramirez © 2009


COSTA RICA/USA, Michelle Ramírez. Following our Founder’s stops in the exile accompanied by Fr. Guillermo Muzquiz and Sr. Lourdes Macias (both of them from Mexico) as advisers, nine couples and six ladies experienced five intense days in the International Shrine of Our Father’s Kingdom in Waukesha close to Milwaukee.

Springtime, colorful tulips, shining sun and happy and smiling faces from the Sisters of Mary were all faithful witnesses of our heart’s transformations.

"In walking the first experience of being in a Shrine and also walking the same path our Founder suffered, contemplated, and lived, my soul has been instilled with blessings I can not contain," commented Alexandra M. de Fumero. Please keep in mind that Costa Rica does not yet have a Shrine.

The graces of the three Shrines visited

The graces in the Exile Shrine filled our hearts by filling them with Jesus and Mary. The graces from the Foundation Shrine in Madison gave us strength and hope to continue our work towards our Movement in Costa Rica, especially to testify to the importance of which the youth in our country need. The International Shrine’s graces of the Father’s Kingdom gave us the eagerness to always be in grace with Our Father God, with His Son, and our Mother Mary by understanding the many faces of our Father and Founder that are faithful reflections of God!

With its never ending horizon, the greatness of Lake Michigan is a mirror of the energy, life, acceptance, and deepness of the always-ready Sr. Petra… our Father’s faithful daughter.

"Thank you, Mater, for giving me the grace to walk with my spiritual father, Fr. Kentenich, thereby always teaching [me] the value of fully consecrating [myself to] you and Divine Providence… and inviting us to believe in trust and faith to love and serve," expressed Ana María Sánchez.

There is no doubt that we give our hearts and souls to our Father when he shows us his face… and He adopted ours: "Now Father, let us follow your footprints..."

Translation: Gaby Fernandez, USA



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