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 published: 2009-05-26

Everything conquered was with love for Her

The entire Cenacle of the Father Family for a new Pentecost celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Shrine in Bellavista, Chile


60 Jahre Heiligtum in Bellavista, Chile

60° aniversario de la bendición del Santuario de Bellavista, Chile

60th anniversary of the Shrine in Bellavista , Chile

60 Jahre Heiligtum in Bellavista, Chile


Jubiläumsmesse in der Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Hauptzelebrant P. Juan Pablo Rovegno, daneben: P. Iván Simicic, P. Bernardo Parra

Misa Jubilar celebrada por el P. Juan Pablo Rovegno en la Iglesia del Espíritu Santo. A la izquierda el P. Iván Simicic y a derecha el P. Bernardo Parra.

Jubilee Mass celebrated by Fr. Juan Pablo Rovegno in the Holy Spirit Church . Concelebrant: Fr. Iván Simicic, Fr. Bernardo Parra

Jubiläumsmesse in der Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Hauptzelebrant P. Juan Pablo Rovegno, daneben: P. Iván Simicic, P. Bernardo Parra

Bei der heiligen Messe  

Nos acercamos a recibir la comuni ón.

During the Holy Mass

Bei der heiligen Messe

Bei der Statue Pater Kentenichs wurde gesungen und gefeiert  

Junto la estatua del Padre Kentenich y el cuadro de la MTA, cantamos en Familia y luego peregrinamos hasta el Santuario.

By the Father Kentenich Statue and the MTA picture: singing as a family

Bei der Statue Pater Kentenichs wurde gesungen und gefeiert

Erneuerung des Liebesbündnisses – und dann ein Geburtstagslied  

Como Familia Cenáculo... nos consagramos en este día de aniversario frente al Santuario y luego le cantamos el "cumpleaños feliz" a nuestra Reina del Cenáculo.

Covenant of Love – and then: Happy Birthday to you...

Erneuerung des Liebesbündnisses – und dann ein Geburtstagslied

Die SMJ beim Franz-Reinisch-Lied  

La Juventud Masculina le canta a la MTA el himno del P. Franz Reinisch...

The Boys’ Youth

Die SMJ beim Franz-Reinisch-Lied

Fotos: Mauricio E. Donoso © 2009


CHILE, Mauricio E. Donoso. Priests, seminarians, leaders, youth, children and adults gathered on Wednesday, May 20th in Chile to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Shrine of Bellavista, The Shrine of the mission of the 31st of May!

And God sent "more and more of his kindness". Providentially, on the eve of this May 20, 2009, it did not rain torrentially as it did on the eve of May 20, 1949, when the Father and Found referred to it with these words during his talk of the morning of this day, hours before the blessing, "This morning we cannot get lost about the subject. We are accustomed to interpret every event in the sense of faith in Divine Providence…" "And this morning, it is not difficult for us to choose…The event that interests all of us to interpret is the rain. Rain. "Rain and more rain’. It has been so strong that here they speak about torrential rain. And it still has not stopped raining"

Father Kentenich asked: "Should we dare to go to the Shrine with such weather?" But even so we want to fly like the eagle towards the sun. And where is the sun? It cannot be seen anywhere. In fact, it seems that it has disappeared. However, it is here! It is above, in the sky of our ideals and it illumines the event of today in a special way".

60 years afterwards, May 20, 2009

This Wednesday, the 20th there were more than enough reasons for the great celebration. There are 60 years of Schoenstatt history in the ‘holy land of Bellavista’, as Father Kentenich called it. It is a history filled with God’s kindness, but also one of difficulties and victories. It is also the MTA’s birthday, it is the 60th year since she took possession of her throne in the Cenacle Shrine. On June 5, 1949, 16 days after the blessing of the Shrine, She was crowned "Queen of the Cenacle" by the Founding Father.

The hour arrived. At 8:00 p.m. a Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Juan Pablo Rovegno, concelebrated by Father Ivan Simicic –director of the Movement in Chile-Father Bernardo Parra – adviser of the University Boy’s Youth in Bellavista- at the Church of the Holy Spirit, in Bellavista. It was a moving Eucharistic along with many Schoenstatt Fathers and seminarians from the Joseph Kentenich Major College. During the Holy Mass each Branch, Institute and Federation, presented a gift to our beloved Mother at the altar: lilies, red roses, wheat…everything conquered with love for Her.

After the Holy Mass there was a presentation as a tribute to our Mother Thrice Admirable Queen of Schoenstatt, in gratitude for all the gifts that have been received throughout these 60 years. Then everyone went in procession to the Shrine, to pray the prayer of gratitude together with all the participants and they consecrated themselves anew to the Blessed Mother so that she will continue to use us as instruments.

We sang happy birthday to the Blessed Mother!. Then the Girls’ Youth sang some touching hymns…as a tradition of Chile, the Boys’ Group formed a circle in front of the Shrine and with the strength of always, they sang the hymn of Father Franz Reinich with their flags raised on high…In conclusion they celebrated by sharing a piece of birthday cake and coffee at the Pilgrims’ Center

Bellavista appreciates this Holy Tridium

Furthermore, as the Cenacle of the Father Family for a new Pentecost, they wanted to express gratitude for the Shrine, for the mission of the 31st of May and for the crowning that Father carried out 60 years ago by going on pilgrimage to the Shrine, physically or spiritually. They wanted to do this by praying the Prayer of Gratitude from Heavenwards with the Founding Father. Each Diocesan Family was invited to participate in the chain of gratitude uniting themselves as a National Family; to carry this out the people who visit the Shrine will receive a card with the photo of the Cenacle Shrine with the pray printed on the reverse side.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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