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 published: 2009-05-26

The Original Shrine Is Now Sheltered Within Its Walls

Blessing of the Home Shrine in the Schoenstatt House-Headquarters in Costa Rica and Presentation of the Shingle from the Original Shrine to the Family


Die “Urheiligtums-Dachschindel”, Symbol der Aussendung nach der Konferenz 2014, im Hausheiligtum des Bewegungshauses in Costa Rica

La „teja Original“, símbolo del envío después de la Conferencia 2014, en el Santuario Hogar de la Casa Sede en Costa Rica

The “Original Shingle”, symbol of the Mission of the Conference 2014, in the Home Shrine of the Movement House in Costa Rica

Die “Urheiligtums-Dachschindel”, Symbol der Aussendung nach der Konferenz 2014, im Hausheiligtum des Bewegungshauses in Costa Rica


Einweihung des Hausheiligtums

Bendición del Santuario Hogar

Blessing of the home shrine

Einweihung des Hausheiligtums

Während der Feier  

Durante la celebración

During the celebration

Während der Feier


Flores de mayo

May flowers


Fotos: Ramirez © 2009


COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez. On the past February 7, 2009, the participants of Conference 2014 returned to their respective countries with a shingle from the Original Shrine. The sending forth was an moving moment since there was an intuition in the air: to be living a key event in the history of Schoenstatt for each country. On May 20th, in Costa Rica, the "original shingle" was placed in the Home Shrine of the Schoenstatt House-Headquarters…..there awaiting its definite place: the future Shrine.

The entire Family said…..Present! "A shingle from the Original Shrine will be placed so that our childlike relationship with the Shrine can be experienced greater, especially because there is still no Shrine in Costa Rica. Since we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Movement and the first Covenant of Love was sealed by the first sodalists with the MTA along with the Father and Founder in the Shrine, we are called to come on pilgrimage to our House-Headquarters" – this was the motivation which all of the members of the Costa Rican Family received.

Receiving the shingle was a clear symbol of the apostolic sending forth which was given by Father Heinrich Walter, President of the General Presidium of the Schoenstatt Movement. This important gesture became a reality so that the participants to Conference 2014 could take along with the message of the Conference (PDF), a physical part of the Original Shrine to each one of their countries. The countries came to the Original Shrine and now the Original Shrine goes to each one of the countries.

The long-awaited day arrived.

A good attendance and a beautifully decorated hall with colored paper flowers…..on the occasion of the month of May celebration and made by the hands of the different branches of the Costa Rican Family, Blessed Mother was invited to establish herself in the "heart" of the Movement House….. Mother, establish yourself here and distribute the graces from the Shrine to your family of Costa Rica!.....this was the common prayer from a family who LOVES HER AND PROVES IT WITH ACTIONS.

"We could not let the evening pass without sharing with the marvelous experience we have just had at our House-Headquarters. Finally, the blessing of the Home Shrine took place with a Holy Mass. This will be our connection to the Original Shrine!" comments the Perdomo Mesalles family.

In a moving ceremony, the shingle from the Original Shrine which is kept in a specially made glass case, was carefully displayed. Stones from Lake Michigan which were brought by a group of pilgrims from Costa Rica who went to Milwaukee were deposited in the Home Shrine….. All of the symbols were blessed in a moving ceremony celebrated by Father Guillermo Muzquiz who is currently on one of his visits to Costa Rica. At the end of the ceremony, Blessed Mother was crowned anew as Queen of the Home Shrine and Queen of the material and spiritual needs of the entire Costa Rican Schoenstatt Family.

The night engulfed the House-Headquarters which, since May 20th, dons a special glow. The reason: It now shelters the Original Shrine within its walls.

Translation: Carlos Cantú Schoenstatt Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA 052809



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