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 published: 2009-05-29

Together on the trail with Mary and to Mary-271 km.

A Bicycle pilgrimage for families to Vallendar/Koblenz


271 km von Heiligtum zu Heiligtum, auf dem Fahrrad

271 km, de Santuario a Santuario, en bicicleta

271 km, from Shrine to Shrine, bike-riding

271 km von Heiligtum zu Heiligtum, auf dem Fahrrad


Vor dem Heiligtum in Wiesbaden

En el Santuario de Wiesbaden

At the Shrine in Wiesbaden

Vor dem Heiligtum in Wiesbaden

Zurück geht es dann mit dem Bus  

Volviendo... en bus

Back... on a bus

Zurück geht es dann mit dem Bus

Fotos: Englert © 2009


GERMANY, Annette Englert. On May 21st, the Feast of the Ascension our Lord, twenty-nine pilgrims ranging in age between nine through seventy-five, plus four companions; began a route of 271km(168m) on their bicycles, while displaying an image of Virgin Mary from the Waldstetten Shrine in the ancient German state of Baden to the Original Shrine in Vallendar close to Koblenz.

After Morning Prayer, a special blessing for the trip, and a light rain, the pilgrims left on route for their first station, Schoenstatt’s Shrine in Weiskirchen called Every Day Sanctity Shrine, that day’s route was 91 km (56 m). When they all arrived, Fr. Rapp, who also accompanied the pilgrimage for two days, celebrated Mass. Members of the Men’s branch from Weiskirchen didn’t want to be left out, so they provided dinner to the pilgrims.

From Weiskirchen to Wiesbaden

The next day under a radiant sun, the journey went on toward the Father’s Fidelity Shrine in Weisbaden with a 75 km (47m) route. Even with breakdowns, everyone made the journey safe and sound. After a dinner prepared by the four companions, Fr. Rapp celebrated Mass once more with some couples renewing their wedding vows; and as it so happened two other couples were celebrating their wedding anniversaries!

Along the Rhine river towards Schoenstatt

On the third day of 105 km (65m) route, wonderful weather was a present for the pilgrimage; it felt like summer even though it was only mid May. This part of the journey towards Vallendar was mostly along the Rhine River. And this time it was without breakdowns but with some sunburn. Still everyone made it happily to the Original Shrine, which coincided with the arrival of the motorcycle pilgrimage too.

A little tired but proud of the accomplishment, the pilgrims gave thanks to our Mother in the Families’ Shrine.

On Sunday after morning mass (celebrated by Fr. Grill) and breakfast, buses from Berberich and Glashofen transported every pilgrim and their bicycles back to Waldstetten. They all made it fine and on time to celebrate the "big May Feast, Mary’s month" brilliantly ending this wonderful pilgrimage.

This pilgrimage was planned and developed by Markus and Annette Englert Dornber. Everyone is excited to be part of the next pilgrimage on bicycle.

Translation: Gaby Fernandez, USA/amj



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