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 published: 2009-04-03

Cenacle Experience

Conference 2014: Father Iván Simicic, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile, on the spirit of communion which was experienced in Schoenstatt in February


Die Delegation von Chile bei der Konferenz 2014 – P. Iván Simicic rechts

La delegación de Chile en la Conferencia 2014 – el P. Iván Simicic al lado derecho

The delegation of Chile in the Conference 2014 – Fr. Iván Simicic on the right side

Die Delegation von Chile bei der Konferenz 2014 – P. Iván Simicic rechts


Coenaculum Konferenz 2014

Cénaculo de la Conferencia 2014

Cenacle of the Conference 2014

Coenaculum Konferenz 2014

Fotos: K. Fischer © 2009


K2014, Fr. Iván Simicic. The arrival of the month of March brings with all of its intensity, the rhythm of daily life which had experienced a healing pause in January and February. I would like to mention something which took place at the beginning of February: the Planning Conference for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Schoenstatt (2014). I would like to highlight one aspect: the spirit of communion which was experienced during seven day of intense work.

It was a communion which was experienced among the participants during times of prayer…..during times of exchange…..during times of committed and respectful dialog which took place during the workings of the commissions…..during plenary sessions…..during break times…..during conversations which took place in hallways or around the table. It was often said that we were living a Cenacle atmosphere. It was an atmosphere of unity and prayer around the Virgin, imploring the gifts of the Holy Spirit which would help us discover God’s plan for the best preparation of the 100th jubilee of the foundation of the International Schoenstatt Family.

The process we experienced

The process experienced by the participating delegates from 32 countries at this conference allowed us to experience diversity which became unity as we came to the conclusions which arose from our work in common… was unanimous, spontaneous, rapid and surprising. I think this is possible when the persons who come together come from different areas and different languages…..possess the same basic experience…..are nurtured by the same sources and make an effort to analyze the real life experience which exists among them. Therefore, we were able to experience this special communion among the diverse communities represented. Since they are autonomous and original, they became one family in the Father and Founder, one in the life he had generated in all and in each of the communities present. In this way, we also felt confirmed in the task of taking the charisma and the mission of the Founder in a more definitive way to the places from which we came.

Preparing ourselves to take the next steps

If we summarize this entire Cenacle experience of the international meeting in Schoenstatt, I can affirm that the first step has been taken toward the Jubilee Celebration of the foundation which we hope will bring many graces to the Schoenstatt Family, the Church and society. We now have to prepare ourselves to take the next steps inspired by this Cenacle experience which was given to us during these very special February days.

Source: Editorial from VINCULO magazine, March 2009

Translation: Carlos Cantú Schoenstatt Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA 040909



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