Zum Weiterdenken - Considerations - Para reflexionar
 published: 2009-04-21

Announcing the Good News

Easter 2009 – Fr. Alberto Eronti’s Reflections, Argentina


Osterkerze im Heiligtum der Marienau, Schönstatt


Vela pascual en el Santuario de Marienau, Schoenstatt

Easter Candle in the Shrine of the Marienau, Schoenstatt

Osterkerze im Heiligtum der Marienau, Schönstatt

Foto: K. Fischer © 2009



The Gospels make reference to "the first day of the week, early in the morning," they went to the tomb. "Some women" or "Mary Magdalene" and "Peter and John".....

What did they all go for? They went seeking a beloved deceased, the Master of Nazareth, Jesus. What did they find? The empty tomb. Folded bandages and shroud placed here and there. They saw, they did not understand. Who took Him? Where did they put Him? Astonishment and tears on the faces of the faithful disciples.

What had occurred? They went seeking death and were surprised by life. Where death had reigned, now there was nothing. The messengers warned, "Do not look for the living among the dead." Here is the message for Easter 2009. Do not look for the living among the dead! There are many difficult, sad and absurd realities…..the temptation is for us to stay in the "power of death" where there is no hope, no joy in living. The famous phrase "beauty will save the world," becomes more real, more urgent. It has to do with the beauty of love and life.

What is expected from a disciple of Jesus? That he/she announces the "Good News" and not the pale and dull news…..that he/she announces the Good News and Life and not hopelessness…..that he/she be a creator of the future and not the forebearer of calamities. Is this possible today? Yes, it is always possible. The disciple has received a blessing and is called to be a blessing for others. The disciple is not joyful by "decree," but by his/her faith and confidence…..by his/her hope and certainty…..by his/her love turned into service.

May each one of us be a sign of light and a hymn to life. That is, that each one of us be like the Virgin at Easter, like the early-riser Magdalene on that unique Sunday. Amen.

Translation: Carlos Cantú Schoenstatt Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA 041709



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