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 published: 2009-04-28

For a better future

Dequeni: Bestows 2,400 scholarships in Paraguay


Dequeni gibt diesen Kindern die Möglichkeit zum Schulbesuch

Niños en un centro en el interior: Los beneficiarios de Dequeni: los niños que pueden ir al colegio

Children in a center in the interior regions of the country: Dequeni gives these children the chance to attend school

Kinder in einem Zentrum im Landesinnern: Dequeni gibt diesen Kindern die Möglichkeit zum Schulbesuch


Überreichung der “Schultüten”

Entrega de becas

The children receive their scholarships

Überreichung der “Schultüten”

Es ist ein Fest…  

Es una fiesta…

It is a feast…

Es ist ein Fest…

So viel Hoffnung in den kleinen Gesichtern…  

Tanta esperanza en estas caras...

So much hope in these little faces

So viel Hoffnung in den kleinen Gesichtern…





Kinder in einem Zentrum im Landesinnern  

Los beneficiarios de Dequeni: los niños que pueden ir al colegio

Dequeni gives these children the chance to attend school

Dequeni gibt diesen Kindern die Möglichkeit zum Schulbesuch

Hilfst du uns nächstes Jahr?

¿Nos ayuda el año que viene?

Will you help us next year?

Hilfst du uns nächstes Jahr?

Fotos: Dequeni © 2009




PARAGUAY, Valeriano Romero. The goal of 2400 scholarships of the sixth Scholarship Campaign’s, For a Free Education, was accomplished thanks to the contribution of many people committed to children, through the generous contribution of Paraguayan residents from the exterior and our foreign brothers and sisters who also joined this wonderful campaign of solidarity which afforded children the opportunity to study this year.

Children of the Dequeni Foundation receive their school bags with the necessary supplies: a complete uniform and shoes. The beneficiaries of the scholarships are children from the projects of Asunción, Fernando de la Mora, J. Augusto Saldivar, Luque, Ypané, Arroyos and Esteros, Caaucpé and Caaguazú.

692 scholarships were bestowed at the main center

The beneficiaries of the open centers: Together for the Community of Asunción and the Fernando de la Mora Shelter, the community centers– Mita Rehehape, Future of the Children, and Mita Vyarenda from J Augusto Saldivar received their scholarships at the main center of Dequeni. The parents of the families received the scholarships on behalf of their children at a meeting, where they assumed the joint responsibility of the education and formation of their children.

The authorities and coordinators of the Dequeni Foundation attended this ceremony. These 692 are a portion of the 2,400 scholarships that were obtained during the campaign.

Complete Scholarships

Our children come from families of limited resources. They will receive the basic school bag, the uniform, the tuition for the school of their community, and the commitment of the Foundation to mentor them with their schoolwork throughout the school year and a follow-up with the parents.

To make better use of the scholarships, the children will attend tutoring classes from Monday to Friday at each of the community centers.

Scholarships were presented at other locations: Luque, Caacupé, Arroyos and Esteros, Ypané and Caaguazú.

At Caacupe, 150 children from the open center, Children’s Home, received their scholarships on March 4th.; while at Luque, the 130 children from Costa Sosa received their scholarships on Thursday, the 5th.

On Friday, the 6th, 633 Scholarships were presented to the beneficiaries of the community centers: New Hope, San Isidro and Hands Together from Arroyos y Esteros. The Dequeni Foundation is a driving force, and it accompanies the community development of this city with the support of the Canadian Christian Foundation for Children and of the local government.

In Ypané, the community centers of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, 6th of June, and Mystical Rose received 330 scholarships.

Children from the project, Right to an Education, from the San Rafael de Caaguazú neighborhood joined the presentation of scholarships. This project benefits 213 school-age children.

In this manner, Dequeni has become a bridge among people; for over twenty-three years they have developed programs to fight poverty using the basic strategy of guaranteeing a basic education for children.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA /amj



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