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 published: 2009-03-03

Family, Shrine of Life

The Family Missions are changing the face of Schoenstatt in Ibiporã


Familien-Misiones: Gemeinschaft von Jacíra

Missões Familiares:Comunidade Jacira

Misiones familiares: Comunidad de Jacíra

Family Missions: Community of Jacíra

Familien-Misiones: Gemeinschaft von Jacíra


Heilige Messe mit der Gemeinde

Missas com a comunidade

Santa Misa con la comunidad

Holy Mass with the community

Heilige Messe mit der Gemeinde

Besuche bei den Familien  


Visitando a las familias


Besuche bei den Familien






Eine Misiones-Familie  

Família Missionária

Una familia misionera

A mission family

Eine Misiones-Familie

Gemeinschaft von Luzia – in der Pfarrkirche  

Comunidade Luzia – Paróquia

Comunidad Luzia – en la parroquia

Community of Luzia – in the parish church

Gemeinschaft von Luzia – in der Pfarrkirche

Fotos: JUMAS © 2009


BRAZIL, Otavio Cezarini. In July 2007, when some members of the Schoenstatt Family of Ibiporã traveled to Paraguay to participate in the family missions there, they never imagined how many graces Mary and her Son would give as a present to our family. They started in Brazil for the first time during the carnival in 2008, and a second time during the carnival in 2009. The family missions are changing the face of Schoenstatt in Ibiporã.

This year, the missions were conducted in the town of Barbosa Ferraz. 80 missionaries (including married couples and youth), were able to experience a strong family spirit during the mission.

They followed the same structure of the missions of the male youth and the university women, but differed in the organization of the missionaries. The missionaries were not in pairs, but as family in alternating visits. There were other activities too - the missionary paper and the night missionary.

The beginning of a full-time contribution to capital of grace; joy and love

Full of missionary fire, youth could turn Barbosa Ferraz (with the help of local missionaries) and the missionaries in each area. This is the ideal of the Ibiporã family: finding the true spirit of family in the rescue of Christian values, it also serves to link the branches between them. And this link has a meaning: the beginning of a full-time contribution to capital of grace; joy and love.

The Schoenstatt family of Ibiporã is convinced that building a shrine is necessary. It will not be easy or quick though. Schoenstatt was built with dedication and organic thinking. Schoenstatt is a Family, and the family must be Schoenstatt, because the construction of a new world starts inside our homes. In our family we build the Shrine of the MTA, a shrine that means life. And here is where we’re going to begin.

Translation: Beth Barriga, USA



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