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 published: 2009-03-06

We celebrate your presence in Tucumán

As the 10th Anniversary of the blessing approaches, many experiences about the Shrine of Tucumán are recalled


18. April 1999: Einweihung des Heiligtums in Tucumán

18 abril de 1999: bendición del Santuario de Tucumán

April 18, 1999 : Blessing of the Shrine in Tucumán

18. April 1999: Einweihung des Heiligtums in Tucumán


Bei einem Fest der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter

Fiesta de la Campaña del Rosario

Meeting of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

Bei einem Fest der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter






Memorial de Don Joao Pozzobon

Joao Pozzobon Memorial



Memorial del Padre Kentenich

Father Kentenich Memorial



Memorial del Padre Esteban Uriburu

Father Esteban Uriburu Memorial


Fotos: Losada © 2009


ARGENTINA, Silvia Losada. It seems as if a long time has passed! It will be almost ten years, on April 18th, that the Shrine of Tucumán was blessed.

A year before, at the National Journey of Representatives of the Rosary Campaign, we were asked about the possibility of a Shrine in Tucumán. I recall answering: "It will be blessed next year". Then I became frightened by my words. The events happened dizzily. And then the moment arrived…

Day of graces! It had rained steadily for more than a month, but nothing dampened the enthusiasm of the preparations. It had to be: the Blessed Mother was going to establish herself among us!

The grounds were muddy and we wore boots to walk without getting our feet wet. I remember that phrase of John Pozzobon: Neither rain nor the cold…the little donkey continued". Against all predictions, on April 18, 1999, the day dawned with a brilliant sun to greet us. Everything was joy and the atmosphere was festive.

In the Covenant with Mary, the Schoenstatt Family from Tucumán offered the Shrine of Grace to the Church, loyal to the mission of Father Joseph Kentenich. An emotional multitude attended the vigil. There was a Holy Mass, blessing and the enthronement of the picture of the MTA in her dwelling place: The Garden of Mary Shrine

We felt that we were a family. We were accompanied by the national advisers and the large Schoenstatt Family of the country and the neighboring countries. The phrase "we will meet at some Shrine" emerged spontaneously among the Schoenstatters, because it symbolized finding our own land in the shadow of the Shrine we were visiting.

And the garden gave its fruit

But the task of all those years we dreamed about did not end there. It was just beginning. I still remember the years of looking for the land and the blessing of the wayside shrine, the breaking of ground, economic difficulties, for its construction, the bricks offered as Capital of Grace to contribute economically and spiritually, the rosaries, the One Thousand Hail Marys, contributions to the Capital of Grace offered by each one of us, the mission in the adjoining neighborhoods to invite them to the blessing of the Shrine, the first celebrations of the Rosary Campaign, when we prepared the altar for Mass at the place where the Shrine would be built.

And the garden gave fruit. NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, NOTHING WITHOUT US was manifested in deeds that filled us with emotion. Thousands of pilgrims began to visit the Blessed Mother to return the visit that She made to their homes, work places, schools, hospitals, through the Pilgrim MTA. Many of them sealed their Covenant of Love. It was truly springtime for Schoenstatt in Tucumán. The Covenants of Love, the consecrations of missionaries, blessings of Wayside Shrines, and enthronements of the Blessed Mother in public places, schools, hospitals, and businesses multiplied. The celebrations of the Campaign began to take place in front of the Shrine, motivating and inflaming all the missionaries who continued to come to seal or renew their commitment with the mission and thousands of pilgrims gathered. The Family Work attracted many couples with the Jubilee project. The family grew. The Boys’ Youth as well as the Girls’ Youth grew greatly, contributing their freshness, enthusiasm and social commitment with the needy families.

Pastoral of the Shrine

The Mothers and the Rosary Campaign worked untiringly to take the graces of the Shrine everywhere possible and to conquer new allies for Mary.

The Pastoral of the Shrine carried out its task of giving of self and love welcoming the pilgrims, listening to them and spreading the Schoenstatt mission. The Professionals, the Pedagogical Center, the Vocation Circle, the Adoration Circle, Mary in Solidarity came together so that at this prolific Tucamán everyone could find their place in Schoenstatt.

As a consolidated family, the necessity to crown the Blessed Mother as ‘QUEEN OF A UNITED, FRUITFUL, AND HOLY FAMILY" emerged. Of course, it had to happen, that day it was rainy and cold. This time it was a contribution to the Capital of Grace that we made with all our heart. Everyone came, the family said, present! Monsignor Villalba, Archbishop of Tucumán, presided the ceremony and he walked carrying the crown in the procession from the SUM, which was under construction and it did not have windows or a floor at this time, to the Shrine, it was a long walk beneath the rain.

The blessings of the memorials in the shadow of the Shrine took place, so that the Schoenstatt heroes: Father Joseph Kentenich, John Pozzobon and Father Esteban Uriburu, could accompany the Blessed Mother.

The immense honor of having the Blessed Mother’s Garden in the Garden of the Republic

On December 2007 the Schoenstatt Father established their NOA branch in our province, with Fathers Pablo Mullin and Tomás Dell’Oca accompanying the family since that time. All the branches supported and experienced the Shrine intensely, feeling as children of this sweet Mother who decided to stay with us. As I said, this was just beginning. There is so much to do and to conquer!

We will accomplish everything if we, as A UNITED, FRUITFUL AND HOLY FAMILY; place ourselves in the hands of Divine Providence. May Mary continue to project herself from her Shrine as Mother and Educator to contribute to the transformation of the world.

On April 18th, we will again offer our Shrine to the Church with the motto: WITH THE STRENGTH OF A UNITED, FRUITFUL AND HOLY FAMILY WE CELEBRATE YOUR PRESENCE IN TUCUMÁN". We will celebrate and express our gratitude for the immense honor of having the Garden of the Blessed Mother in the Garden of the Republic.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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