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 published: 2009-03-10

Queen of the Father’s Garden

Working Toward the Tenth Anniversary of the Shrine of the Home in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Das Heiligtum in Ciudad del Este wird nächstes Jahr10 Jahre alt

El Santuario del Terruño en Ciudad del Este cumple 10 años en 2010

The Shrine in Ciudad del Este will be 10 years old in 2010

Das Heiligtum in Ciudad del Este wird nächstes Jahr 10 Jahre alt

Foto: Cabral  © 2009


PARAGUAY, Cristina and Javier Cabral. We hear often …how time flies! And in the case of the Shrine as we move towards the Ninth Anniversary; we are also already preparing for the Tenth Anniversary celebration on October 1, 2010, in the year of the centennial of Father Kentenich’s priestly ordination.

What are the goals? Basically there are two: First, by October 1, 2009 we want to crown all the MTA pictures that are within our Family. The pictures, the Pilgrim MTAs, the Homeshrines, the Room Shrines, the Work Shrines…etc: and secondly, by October 1, 2010, we want to crown the MTA in the Ciudad del Este Shrine.

In 2008, the Crowning Current emerged from the desire of wanting to give the Blessed Mother something worthy of her royalty and in gratitude for the gifts that she has given our city.

United as a family, we crown you Queen of Father’s Garden

The motto, United as a Family, we crown you Queen of Father’s Garden, was chosen by the Family at the end of 2008, and it unites the two prevailing currents: the Crowning Current, which is very strong at the local level, and the Father Current, which is very strong at the national level.

Of course, crowning has also been mentioned in Asunción. We hope that by the year 2014, the centennial of the Covenant of Love, the Blessed Mother will be crowned in the three Shrines in Paraguay. (The Family has still not crowned the MTA in the Youth Shrine, in Asunción).

It is March, and we are still under the effects of the intense heat. The Family has already begun to move with different start-up conferences held in February and March each year. The Branches have already set different objectives and among them, one greatly stressed proposal is that of the Boys’ Youth conquering hours in the Shrine as a gift for the crowning. This proposal is profiled as the axis for the year.

The "official launch date" is Friday, March 13th, which will begin with a talk for the entire local Family presented by Sister Katia entitled: What is the meaning of crowning the Blessed Mother? March 13th is the 67th Anniversary of Father Kentenich’s arrival at Dachau.

Meanwhile the some of the different teams consisting of the spiritual conquest team, the liturgy team, the economic team, etc. are little by little taking shape. In this the regard, it must be emphasized that everyone who was asked to work for the crowning of the MTA willingly gave their YES.

Another talk for the family presented by Sister Elizabeth has been set for June 19th, and we will be reported on next time.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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