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 published: 2009-03-10

Discovering the Fruits Which Schoenstatt Has Generated in the Different Places Where It Is Present

Around the table with Cristina and Guillermo Tagle from the founding generation in Chile…..on Father Kentenich…..the mission of Schoenstatt…..being family….. and the style of communicatio


Guillermo und Cristina Tagle im PressOffice

Guillermo y Cristina Tagle, en la Oficina de Prensa

Guillermo and Cristina Tagle in the PressOffice

Guillermo und Cristina Tagle im PressOffice


Rund um den Tisch

En torno a la mesa

Around the table

Rund um den Tisch

Fotos: K. Fischer © 2009


CHILE, mkf. "Together we discovered the fruits which Schoenstatt has generated during these first 100 years": A sentence from the message of Conference 2014 which summarizes in a few words one of the most beautiful experiences of this encounter; an experience which was manifested in the posters prepared by each country, in narratives, testimonies and this contagious joy which creates families. To discover and help to discover the fruits which Schoenstatt has generated in each place, in each person – this is what motivates Cristina Tagle, along with her husband Guillermo from the first course of the Family Federation in Chile, forming part of the founding generation of Schoenstatt in the country.

They are the "living miracle" of Mario Hiriart to whom they attribute their healing after a terrible automobile accident a few years ago. The chain of prayer – the first which took place in Schoenstatt at the global level via the internet – has made history.

The last time they were in Schoenstatt – after going on pilgrimage to Milwaukee, the place of Father Kentenich’s exile – they wanted to visit the Press Office. Among many of the things which can be said of Cristina Tagle (her friends call her Kiki) not lacking can be this affirmation: " I am a fanatic, a true addict! Everyday I look to see if there is anything new!" For her, each visit to is "a discovery of the fruits which Schoenstatt has generated in the different places where it is present."

Cristina Tagle was one of the first editors of the magazine VINCULO in her native Chile. How did she come to assume that task? "Always when at a meeting a new task would appear, I would offer myself," she says smiling. "As a person with a sanguine temperament, I am simply fascinated with each new task." The magazine came forth during the preparations for the centennial of Father Kentenich. "I, at the beginning without the help of Octavio Galarce, would not have been able to do anything. He was my right hand who taught me how to do things. I was always waiting for new correspondents, always waiting for contributions, and always working until the last hour, writing two entire nights to meet the deadline."

Communicating, always proud of each new bud of life

What was your vision with this new magazine? "The idea was to copy the MTA, Father Kentenich’s magazine, as best as possible," she answers with conviction. For many years she worked for the magazine which even today, in the hands of other editors, is a topic of interest for her. "I continue sending news on the small things to VINCULO," she says. "I sometimes worry that some things are too long and brainy, too intellectual in the magazine. They are good, but what creates life are the stories of life. While I was there, there were persons who would always complain to me: ‘Kiki,’ ‘why to you write about all those Covenants of Love, the new Wayside Shrines here and there, those things are somewhat homey?’" I would tell them that that is what Schoenstatt is: communicating, always proud of each new bud of Schoenstatt life because we are a living organism of attachments, because we are family. For this reason we have to learn to love each thing which happens in each place because it is ours and belongs to the MTA. For that reason I am truly fascinated with and I love each time that there are detailed articles about something beautiful the mothers did…..about the coordinators who conquered a pastor…..or news about new Wayside Shrines…..about the youth. Then one says: how great Schoenstatt is, it is everywhere! And, everything is important! Sometimes some write with great detail, but everything is valuable."

Guillermo Tagle adds that according to his experience, what many in Schoenstatt lack is to truly feel part of a family, or more precisely: to feel part of a great family. To be able to read about what happens in other parts of the Family, he says, helps greatly to create and to feel as family.

"Many, especially the intellectuals, spend a lot of time on the idea that one must deal with different topics, learn intellectually what Schoenstatt is, while in reality, Schoenstatt is an experience of the heart, it is about uniting with Father, Blessed Mother… is the living Covenant of Love."

"To become a living force, we have to love one another in the different communities," says Kiki. But one can only love if one knows about the other – and viceversa – and in this way grow in each other. "For me, this is the most valuable contributions of ideas…"

Milwaukee and the stories of life on

The transmission of Schoenstatt on October 18th is like a process of life. Initially it is through life currents. Therefore, affirms Kiki Tagle, it is so important to transmit processes of life. "It is like reading a book on Father’s exile, or going to Milwaukee: do you see the difference?" She explains: "In Milwaukee we had different testimonies: a family, a mother, a Sister, how Father had touched them personally. A Father who was not known as a founder, but as a man, as a father. The encounter with Father in Milwaukee was different, not with large groups or branches, but personally. Something family-like has been formed, closeness, by the fact of having experienced Father as a father. It is different to read a book and to be with the people. When someone comes and says: Father listened to me, he understood me, he did me a lot of good, he solved my problems with my husband! – this is experiencing Father. For me, is like being with the people who tell me how they experience Father, the Shrine, and the Blessed Mother. Or, thinking about Father Angel who was with the Father and Founder forty years ago and his eyes still sparkle with emotion remembering that moment and carrying it as a treasure. When this is transmitted, the experience of Father becomes contagious….."

The best answer for the present time

Guillermo and Kiki Tagle also knew Father in the years of his visits to Chile. "When we met Father, we also laughed a little at the nervousness of the Sisters: when Father arrived, how they ran after him!" commented Guillermo Tagle and Kiki added: "We thought: Why is this man so important?.....dressed so rare, as far as we were concerned…..with a hat! I remember that when he would start speaking in German, they would forget that he had to be translated. Desperately, the Fathers and the Sisters would begin to translate him. For that reason, we were somewhat distracted, but each one always received Father’s words differently.

When they were in Milwaukee and they grew deeper with the testimonies, they asked themselves how he was able to transmit hope and idealism when facing his situation. A reflection which led them to ask themselves anew in regard to their experience: "How was it possible that he would motivate all of us with the highest ideals? How did he have that joy which was transmitted by ideals? We were not aware of it at the time, but there was something in him because we stayed with him enthusiastically and we formed groups," says Guillermo Tagle.

Kiki remarks: "How is it that Father’s message marked us so much that we never doubted. Throughout these many years of Schoenstatt life, during the exile, afterwards, never, never did it cross our minds to doubt the truth of what he said; for a time, Schoenstatt was prohibited in Santiago; it never crossed our minds to doubt. No. We knew we were going to change the world with him."

They never doubted….. Never, affirms Kiki: "Father’s prophecy is true. Even though we may not see it become a reality, it will become a reality. He has the best answer for the present time and we are his instruments. We have an ever increasing necessary and urgent mission. One sees clearly that God disposes, the Blessed Mother is supportive, and the only thing asked for is a minimum of good will."

Translation: Carlos Cantú Schoenstatt Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA 031009



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