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 published: 2009-03-13

From the Río Grande to Tierra del Fuego, America Will Be Yours

An encounter of brothers with God and Nature: Pilgrimage to Christ the Redeemer of the Andes


Wallfahrt zum Cristo Redentor auf 3800 m Höhe in den Anden, am vergangenen 15. März: Vaterunser

Peregrinación al Cristo Redentor, a 3800 m de altura, el 15 de marzo: en torno al Cristo rezando el Padre Nuestro

Pilgrimage to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, March 15: praying the “Our Father”

Wallfahrt zum Cristo Redentor auf 3800 m Höhe in den Anden, am vergangenen 15. März: Vaterunser


Madrugadores aus Los Pinos

Madrugadores de Los Pinos

Dawnbreakers from Los Pinos

Madrugadores aus Los Pinos

Gedenktafel für Johannes Paul II und seine Friedensintervention  

Placa en Homenaje a Juan Pablo II

Memorial plaque

Gedenktafel für Johannes Paul II und seine Friedensintervention

Der Cristo Redentor  

El Cristo Redentor

Christ the Redeemer

Der Cristo Redentor

Pfr. Nicolás Matic  

Padre Nicolas Matic

Fr. Nicolás Matic

Pfr. Nicolás Matic

Während der Messe  

Durante la Misa

During the Holy Mass

Während der Messe

Fotos: Rodrigo Carvalho © 2009

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum


CHILE, rcp. Every year, on the third Sunday in March, from both sides of the mountain range, Schoenstatt Movement members from Chile and Argentina set out on pilgrimage – from Mendoza, Argentina and from Santiago, Chile – to go up to Christ the Redeemer, the majestic statue which is 3,800 meters high. It was also this way last Sunday, March 15th.

A group of Dawn Breakers from the Los Pinos Shrine tell of their experience in this unique pilgrimage.

From Los Pinos, a small group of us Dawn Breakers wanted to take part in this yearly encounter in order to pray for peace in our countries, Chile and Argentina. Very early, at dawn, we began our journey toward the Andes. The same was happening from Santiago, although a larger group would be in attendance.

The trip was in a very comfortable vehicle for the 5 pilgrims from Los Pinos. The first stop was at the foot of the mountain range and from there to the Chilean check-point where we were attended to expeditiously. From there we went to cross the border tunnel. The Argentinean wall in the Las Cuevas zone made it difficult for us to go up to the Christ statue. We had to go back and wait for the group coming from Santiago. After crossing this wall, we were able to go up to Christ the Redeemer which is 3,800 meters high. Many tourists and bicyclists were also going up along with us. The Boys’ Youth from Mendoza had organized a walk and common ascent to Christ the Redeemer to meet with the representatives from Argentina and Chile where they would pray for peace in our countries and in the world.

The appointed hour was 11:00 (Chilean time). After avoiding the pitfalls for crossing the border, more than 35 of us Chileans arrived. Little by little, the delegation from Mendoza arrived, and, of course, more than 30 youths with their songs and banners motivated us to follow them. More than 100 persons gathered for prayer. Many had their banners flowing in the wind. They were dressed warmly because of the strong wind which blows in the high mountains.

America will be yours and will be aflame with love for God by means of the Covenant of Love…..

December 10, 2008, was the 30th anniversary since John Paul II was the mediator for peace between our countries. In that same year, 1978, the image of the Blessed Mother was crowned at the feet of this Christ the Redeemer statue. Every year since that date, there is a pilgrimage to this place to renew the crowning and the peace between our two countries.

Mario Hiriart plays an important part since he was the great precursor of unity for the Latin American countries. This example must be our slogan and mission. At each pilgrimage to Christ the Redeemer, we recall Mario’s mission and the commitment for the future: "In the newest times, America will be a torch of Mary, our Queen."

Mario Hiriart’s legacy to us:

"From the Río Grande to Tierra del Fuego, America will be yours and will be aflame in the love of God through the covenant of Love…..

…..In the Andes, we will build a Shrine as a symbol of unity for our countries and our hearts….."

Hand in hand

After renewing the coronation, we made a large circle around the statue of Christ the Redeemer and, hand in hand, we prayed to the Good Father God and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Then began the descent down the mountain to the area of Las Cuevas where we were able to celebrate Mass in a Chapel. Father Nicolás Matic accompanied us this year.

After Mass, we went to an armory mess-hall which our brothers from Argentina had been able to procure for our meal. There we began to share the delicacies from our countries…..fruits, avocados, wines, steaks, and, of course, cordial and amenable fellowship which ensued. There is a challenge for next year which attempts to motivate the youth from our countries to participate in this encounter in March of 2010. May we be able to become ever so more the families and persons who unite in prayer at the foot of Christ the Redeemer in the majestic mountain range of The Andes.

We arrived in Los Pinos at nightfall…..the heart was filled with the experience…..filled with the enthusiasm of the youths…..and with the confidence of having given the best of ourselves so that there will always be peace between our countries.

Translation: Carlos Cantú Schoenstatt Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA 031909



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