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 published: 2009-03-20

Towards the covenant centennial

Each 18th invites us to again fall in love with our charism - together


Bündniserneuerung im Urheiligtum, 18. März 2009

Renovación de la Alianza de Amor en el Santuario Original, 18 de marzo de 2009

Renewal of the Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine, March 18, 2009

Bündniserneuerung im Urheiligtum, 18. März 2009


Im Urheiligtum

En el Santuario Original

In the Original Shrine

Im Urheiligtum

Predigt in der Bündnismesse  

Prédica en la Misa de Alianza

Sermon in the Covenant Mass

Predigt in der Bündnismesse

Der Priesterbund war für die Gestaltung der Bündnismesse verantwortlich  

La Federación de Sacerdotes Diocesanos a cargo de la Misa de la Alianza

The Federation of Priests was in charge of the Covenant Mass

Der Priesterbund war für die Gestaltung der Bündnismesse verantwortlich

Bitten und Grüße am Grab von P. Kentenich  

Intenciones y saludos en la tumba del Padre

Petitions and greetings at the tomb of Fr. Kentenich

Bitten und Grüße am Grab von P. Kentenich

Fotos: K. Fischer © 2009

19. März: während der Liveübertragung vom Grab Pater Kentenichs  

19 de marzo: durante la trasmisión en vivo desde la tumba del Padre

March 19: during the live transmisión from the tomb of Fr. Kentenich

19. März: während der Liveübertragung vom Grab Pater Kentenichs

Foto: Hildegard Hug © 2009

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum


SCHOENSTATT, mkf. With 2,042 days to go until October 18, 2014, once again Covenant Day was celebrated at the Original Shrine, and at all the Shrines, wayside shrines, and chapels around the world – on the eve of the Feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of Father Kentenich.

The pilgrims sang with enthusiasm: Towards the covenant centennial, this is our flag, open our hearts to this grace, to give fruits to the Church together.

Everyone is singing, quivering for 2014, and waving their little Schoenstatt flags. More than four thousand people singing together: towards the covenant centennial, this is our flag… At parishes they are also singing this. "The bishops and priests cannot remain unaware that we are preparing for 2014," was a comment that came in an email from Atibaia, Brazil.

Every 18th we are getting closer to the Covenant of Love’s centennial, which the Schoenstatt Family is eagerly awaiting to celebrate together around the Original Shrine, be it physically or virtually present connected via Internet.

March 18th in Schoenstatt, a sunny and cold day, began with a special Covenant Mass in the Original Shrine; Fernando, a young man from Mexico, sealed his Covenant of Love before returning to his country after his stay of several months in Schoenstatt, where he worked as a volunteer in the Pilgrims headquarters. In spite of the early hour, many were able to participate in the Mass concelebrated by Father Franz Widmaier and Father José Maria Garcia via Schoenstatt –tv. One person from Freiburg, who is ill and can no longer travel wrote… "Thanks to this technology it no longer matters whether you are old or sick. I could visit my beloved Original Shrine and be present at the Holy Mass. A thousand thanks." Tita Ríos from Argentina wrote: "It is already 2:39 in the morning, I entered Schoenstatt-TV and just could not stop… I never did expect to be able to join in a Covenant of Love being renewed in the Original Shrine, and on an 18th!"

A time to give thanks

Every 18th is a time to express our gratitude together for all that the MTA has given us since the last 18th…Two Auxiliary MTAs of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign arrived, one which will travel the countries of Europe, another one bound for Burundi and the countries of the African Great Lakes; on March 18th, during the Covenant Mass in Santa Maria, another Auxiliary MTA – for Spain – was blessed. The process of beatification for John Pozzobon closed at the diocesan level, and the documents will be sent to Rome on May 8th.

"Together we fell in love again with our charism," said Sister Elizabet Parodi speaking about Conference 2014. Each 18th is a time for this –to fall in love again together with our charism. Certainly, the MTA does so – she falls in love again with the Original Shrine, to fall in love again with Schoenstatt, to fall in love again with Father Kentenich, of the Sodalists, and each one of his allies in heaven and on earth.

Companions of Mary like St. Joseph

Many pilgrims from Germany, as well as some from several countries, gathered for the Covenant Mass this afternoon, celebrated on the eve of the Feast of Saint Joseph. The Federation of Priests was in charge. The main celebrant motivated all in his homily to be Mary’s companion today, just as Saint Joseph was in his day, and how Father Kentenich was throughout his life in the Covenant of Love. He recalled that the Message of Conference 2014 invites us to prepare with much giving of self and of joy for the great jubilee of the Covenant of Love that we will celebrate together on October 18, 2014; this message clearly shows us the fields of our commitment in the Covenant: the family, the youth, pedagogy, the universal Church, and especially the challenge of helping to create a new social order, a covenant culture.

After the Mass, everyone went to Original Shrine, to renew our Covenant of Love along with all of you. During the moment of silence we recalled the victims of the shooting at the school of Winnenden (a cousin of a Girls’ Youth member was among the victims), of all those who are suffering, of all those who pray to the MTA for their petitions, and of everyone with whom we feel and know as brothers and sisters in this Covenant of Love.

55 minutes of patience for 5 minutes of being there – it was worth while

On Thursday, the Feast of St. Joseph was celebrated, the name day of Fr. Kentenich and so many other Schoenstatt people, beginning with Joseph Engling.

In Schoenstatt, Father was to receive a special gift: an hour in which everybody could visit his tomb – live. From 12:50 -13:45 (Germany), I worked, more or less, with the live transmission from Father’s tomb at Everyone was invited to send their greetings, petitions, congratulations via the chat on this page or also via my email. It was not always possible to connect, but, as one visitor wrote: "55 minutes of patience for 5 minutes "live" at Father’s tomb – it was worth while!" There were greetings, petitions, congratulations coming in from USA, Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, England… Just joy and gratitude for this visit: "It is good to be here - home with Father."

The transmission ended with those physically present and those connected via Internet praying together for Father Kentenich’s canonization.

The day closed with a festive holy Mass in the Adoration Church.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA/amj



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