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 published: 2009-03-27

Schoenstatt in its living expression

More than 700 people attended the Start-up Conference of the Apostolic Family Apostolic in Tupãrenda, Paraguay


Heilige Messe am Schluss der Jahreseröffnungs-Tagung der Familienbewegung in Tuparenda, Paraguay

Santa Misa, Jornada de Arranque de la Liga Apostólica de Familias en Tupãrenda, Paraguay

Holy Mass during the Annual Retreat of the Schoenstatt Family League, in Tuparenda, Paraguay

Heilige Messe am Schluss der Jahreseröffnungs-Tagung der Familienbewegung in Tuparenda, Paraguay


Begrüßung der Teilnehmer


Welcoming the participants

Begrüßung der Teilnehmer

Chor “Santa Maria”  

Coro „Santa Maria“

Choir „Santa Maria“

Chor “Santa Maria”

Gut 700 Personen waren da  

Participaron unas 700 personas

Some 700 people participated

Gut 700 Personen waren da

Gabengang: die Dachschindel vom Urheiligtum, die die Delegation aus Paraguay am Schluss der Konferenz 2014 erhalten hatte  

Ofrenda: la teja del Santuario Original, regalada a la delegación de Paraguay en la Conferencia 2014

Offering; the shingle of the roof of the Original Shrine, given to the delegation from Paraguay after the Conferende 2014

Gabengang: die Dachschindel vom Urheiligtum, die die Delegation aus Paraguay am Schluss der Konferenz 2014 erhalten hatte

Vorstellung der Gruppen  

Presentación de los grupos

Presentation of the groups

Vorstellung der Gruppen





Fotos: Pereira © 2009

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum




PARAGUAY, Pilar and Alfredo Pereira. On Sunday, March 8th, about 700 people from the Family Apostolic League gathered at Tuparenda, at the Church of Saint Mary of the Trinity at 8:15 for their Start-up Conference of the year. They were from Asunción, San Lorenzo, Luque, Capiatá, Itaugua, Ypacaray y Caacupé, and included the participation of couples from the Family Branch, who belong to the following levels: Covenant of Love, Home shrine, Self-education and Vocational Discernment, as well as members and collaborators of the Apostolic League. The meeting was very well organized by the different teams who had taken care of every detail with great dedication and self-giving; from the content to the practical and logistical aspects. It was truly a celebration!

In spite of the threat of rain, the 700 including most of the groups attending with all their members who filled the center nave of Saint Mary of the Holy Trinity Church that is still under construction demonstrated their willingness to work and reflect on the objectives of the motto established by the Family for the next two years, and to attain the proposals which will allow us to live them fully. According to the testimonies that were received the conference was well liked.

"We set out with Vivi very early in the morning; we had prepared for the occasion.

It was the first time we were going to attend this start-up conference," write Niké and Viv Pampliega. "Upon our arrival, a splendid sun provided brilliant sunshine, and as always, there was joy on the faces of the people and the organizers. The proposed apostolate was activated by the willingness to do things selflessly and with spirit.

We shared with our GAUDIUM that desire of ‘being together’, as well as the herbal tea that made the meeting even more pleasant. The feeling of belonging was overwhelming, we were in Tuaprenda; we were Schoenstatt in its living expression.

Our motto: FATHER LIVES IN ME, I GIVE A HOME led us to form groups with other brothers and sisters. How good it is to listen and to contribute in order to define the finest, the most meaningful as well as the most practical aspects of the true and clear motto that can be carried out through the concrete resolutions that were proposed. It was great to be there surrounded by so much spirituality; it was good exercise for a Sunday morning!

The Mass followed, where Father Antonio undoubtedly presented us with his talent as an educator that comes so easily to him. All the Family was present! It is worthwhile to say VIVA and go forward, we were many more than two!"

A clear and hopeful message

After prayer with the musical accompaniment prepared by the couples of the Family Apostolic League, a truly interesting and motivational sketch was developed about daily life in the bosom of the family. The scene displayed the lack of tolerance and harmony in living together, and how the family members treat each other within the family nucleus, until thanks to the saving presence of the grandmother who has an attitude of love and vision is able to transform it into a home full of peace and joy.

The effort, the many rehearsals, and the magnificent presentation, which transmitted a clear hopeful message presented by the members of the Schoenstatt Family was recognized with a warm and extended applause..

Father lives in me, I give a home

Then groups were formed to reflect on the objective and the motto of the Family for the next two years: "To be Father Kentenich’s children and Missionaries of Queen Mary radically defending families." "Father lives in me, I give a home"

The starting point of the reflection was inspired by: The great prayer, The Home Song, from Heavenwards describes the wonderful land that we can find.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, TX, USA/amj



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