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 published: 2009-02-27

Shrines of the Father: Nazareth of the Father, and Sion of the Father

Sion Feast 2009: 15th Anniversary of the Schoenstatt Fathers’ Shrine in Argentina


Sionsfest 2009 – wetterbedingt gefeiert in der Gott-Vater-Kirche

Fiesta de Sión 2009 – celebrada en la Iglesia de Dios Padre, debido a la lluvia

Sion Feast 2009 – celebrated in the Church of God the Father, due to the rain

Sionsfest 2009 – wetterbedingt gefeiert in der Gott-Vater-Kirche


Chor der Schönstattjugend aus La Plata, verstärkt durch die beiden Seminaristen

Coro de la Juventud de La Plata, con los seminaristas

Choir of the Schoenstatt Youth of La Plata, with the seminarians

Chor der Schönstattjugend aus La Plata, verstärkt durch die beiden Seminaristen

Die Gott-Vater-Kirche war gut gefüllt  

La Iglesia de Dios Padre se llenó de gente...

The Church of God the Father filled with people

Die Gott-Vater-Kirche war gut gefüllt

Einzug der Schönstatt-Patres  

Entrada de los Padres de Schoenstatt

Entrance procession

Einzug der Schönstatt-Patres

P. Juan Pablo Catoggio bei der Predigt  

P. Juan Pablo Catoggio durante la prédica

Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio during the sermon

P. Juan Pablo Catoggio bei der Predigt

Fürbitten: Tita and Lázaro Rodríguez  

Peticiones: Tita y Lázaro Rodríguez

Petitions: Tita and Lázaro Rodríguez

Fürbitten: Tita and Lázaro Rodríguez

Die beiden Patres aus Nigeria

Los dos Padres de Nigeria

The two Fathers from Nigeria

Die beiden Patres aus Nigeria




Encuentro familiar

Family get-together


Fotos Crivelli  © 2009

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum




ARGENTINA, mca. Sunday, February 22nd was rainy, just as it had been forecast throughout the week. Truly the weather was bad and there were even weather warnings. In spite of this, just as the invitation read, the Sion Feast with the celebration of the Sion Shrine, that was celebrating its 15th Anniversary precisely on this day was not cancelled and there was excellent attendance by the people.

Because of the rain, the celebration of the Mass was held in the Church of God the Father, which was completely full at the beginning of the Mass, beginning a bit later vthan scheduled by 11:30 a. m., which is usual. As is the custom, immediately upon the arrival of the Fathers, they were surrounded by the lay people who wanted to greet them and to exchange a few words with them.

It was touching to see the great number of Fathers from the region concelebrating along with the Regional Superior, Father Juan Pablo Catoggio, in addition to two Fathers, who came especially from Nigeria – Father Reginald and Father Kinsley –, two deacons, who will be ordained as priests on May 2nd – Facundo Bernabei and Federico Piedrabuena –, and several seminarians who are participating in the annual Journey of the Fathers, which is held in February at Sion. It is important to also stress the presence of Father Ludovico Tedeschi, who represented the Fathers in Italy.

Gift and task for the Schoenstatt Family of Argentina

The choir, composed by youth from La Plata, were directed by two "distinguished musicians", both of whom are seminarians, Manuel López Naón from Argentina and Santiago Cacavelos from Paraguay, who made the ceremony very pleasant with their singing. Additionally, there was a very special gift, a song in honor of the Blessed Mother which the two Nigerian Fathers wanted to present to everyone in attendance on this day; their very harmonious and strong voices filled the church.

The Mass was marked by a special climate of being family, with an extraordinary homily by Father Juan Pablo, who as usual, reviewed the most important events that took place throughout the previous year, and at the same time "gave homework" for the future. Of course he made reference to Conference 2014, turning the current born within it as gift and task for the Schoenstatt Family of Argentina: "At the beginning of this month, 90 delegates from 32 countries met in Schoenstatt to exchange ideas to plan for 2014. The question was: What does God want to give the Church and the world through Schoenstatt at the present time and in the future, not only 100 years ago? I would like to make this question more concrete:

  • What does God give you through Schoenstatt?
  • And what do you give Schoenstatt?
  • And what does God want to give our nation through Schoenstatt and through you at this time?

Let us put the two first questions aside and reflect on the third question. As St. Paul would say, "leave the past behind and move forward" (Phillipians, 3); this is the only way to celebrate the Schoenstatt centennial, not writing past history, rather "making" the history of the future," he concluded.

"Here I am Lord, send me"

And in this sense, of course, he mentioned the great absentee of this feast, Father Enrique Schaefer, who died a couple of months ago, and whose great ideal of life, should make an echo in us and should inflame the hearts of all of us: "Here I am Lord, send me!"

Of course, it was a different kind of celebration, since for the first time it was not held in the Sion Shrine, but this did not make it lose its charm or its usual atmosphere of the Family around the Father and the Fathers. "We are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Sion Shrine. This time Providence made us "run", because of the rain, to the Church of God the Father: our Shrines are intimately united, precisely each one in its own way, necessarily together, they are Shrines of the Father: Nazareth of the Father and Sion of the Father", this how Father Juan Pablo Catoggio interpreted the situation in his homily.

Prepared and strengthened spiritually.

After Mass, and the greetings among those present and with the Fathers, and after receiving the usual brochure of Sion along with a holy card with the prayer for vocations, a large number of people went to the Joseph Engling House of the Boys’ Youth at Sion, to have lunch as a family. It was truly a time of relaxation, chats, exchanges, laughter, reunions, that are so necessary in all families, even more so when some came from distant places, such as Mar del Plata and Paraná.

Fortunately, the torrential rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy the family encounter outdoors, although there were times when the light rain made us run to the porch of the house. The Family Federation from La Plata was in charge of the snack bar, and it was managed very efficiently and with great responsibility.

The Eucharistic Blessing, with which the celebration concludes each year, was also held in at the Joseph Engling House, before the Auxiliary from the Central Vicariate that also presided at the Mass. After the blessing imparted by the two deacons, everyone happily returned home, with the sensation of having experienced a heavenly time together, prepared and strengthened spiritually to begin the annual activities of the Movement after the summer months.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA



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