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 published: 2009-01-09

The family, a community of love

Feast of the Holy Family in Tupãrenda, Paraguay


Fest der Heiligen Familie in Tuparenda. Familie Ortiz Coronel trug das Bild

Fiesta de la Sagrada Familia en Tuparenda: la Familia Ortiz Coronel;  ellos procesionaron con la imagen ese día.

Feast of the Holy Family in Tuparenda: The Ortiz Coronel family carried the statue this day

Fest der Heiligen Familie in Tuparenda. Familie Ortiz Coronel trug das Bild


Die Statue der Heiligen Familie in Tuparenda

La  estatua de la Sgda. Familia que esta en Tuparenda

The statue of the Holy Family in Tuparenda

Die Statue der Heiligen Familie in Tuparenda

Fotos: Franco © 2009


PARAGUAY, P. Antonio Cosp / mkf. Incredible joy reigned on December 28th, the Feast of the Holy Family, in Tuparenda. Father Antonio Cosp, Director of the Movement, insisted that in spite of the heat the Holy Mass be celebrated in front of the Shrine and not in the chapel…he was right, because three times more people attended than on an ordinary Sunday. From the awning in front of the Shrine, the large number of people could be seen scattered under the trees…participating in the celebration to honor the Holy Family in Tuparenda during the midst of vacation time.

The Eucharistic celebration in honor of the Holy Family was held with the motto: The Father lives in me, I offer my home. A beautiful picture of the Holy Family, which was very well decorated, was carried from the monument of the Unity Cross.

It was a beautiful coincidence that on that same morning at 6:30 a.m., a program, The Church Speaks, included the leaders from the Family Branch; Oscar Acosta, the press officer of the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference, directs by the program.

We must work so a miracle will occur

In his homily, Father Antonio Cosp pointed out that family unity produces increasing joy. He affirmed that the commitment is not for cowards. On the other hand, he said love is a commitment; it means to commit oneself to marry and to say, "I love you forever." He added that it is not expected for a miracle to happen so couples will love each other forever; rather it must be worked on every day, so that this miracle will occur. In the bosom of the family, there are tasks to be fulfilled, there are goals, there are ideals in the home, there are many things that have to be done in the home. We must understand that frown, the nervousness of one another in order to endure it enabling love to be anchored. One must say, "I have faith, I know about your great value, and for that reason I value what you are, maximizing it, and at the same time minimizing and not placing importance to the negative things within you," he emphasized. You must make a heart of stone a civilized heart, full of spirit, a heart that is capable of living as a mother, a father, a child; a selfless heart for the good of others, for the good of those who surround us in order to make everyone happy. "A love that is not cultivated, diminishes," he stressed.

The conversion of a father, who realized he was the problem

A man commented after the homily, he got in line to go to confession, and he told the priest: "Now I realize that the root of the difficulties in my family are because of me. I am no longer going to blame others, I resolve to see what I can contribute".After the homily, another one went quickly and quietly to confession. Before confessing his sins he said: "Father, this is unique. After experiencing what I have here and hearing the good news about the family, I have to confess and start anew."

A lady said she had attended because she had not visited the Blessed Mother during the entire year, and she had just obtained her license as a psychologist with the highest grade. "I feel that I am the most beloved after experiencing this time of God in my life with my family." All her family knows about Tuparenda, but they had never visited it together.

The blessings were unforgettable: there were children, pregnant women, and families. Very personal moments…the people stayed a while before leaving: It was a celebration.

It was the "opening of the Year 2009" in which the entire Movement wants to "radically defend families".

Some youth – why not! – are happy about this resolution and they stress the radical part!

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA/amj



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