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 published: 2008-12-23

For Jesus who lives in you

Merry Christmas 2008


Navidad, Jesùs, pesebre, Belén, estrella 



Since a couple of days, the following message is circulating on Internet, and can be found on the website of the Dawn-Breakers in Iquique, Chile, as well as in the Christmas Mails of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Goya, Argetnina. Without knowing ist origin, this message may reach the hearts of all those whom we long to find Jesus in the depths of their hearts, in this Christmas.

A Different Christmas

We celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas, and of course we want to honor and celebrate the birthday boy, but alhtough it is Christ's birthday, we give gifts only to each other, usually... Or did you ever pack a birthday parcel just for Jesus? This year on Christmas, it could be different, and I will tell you how.

When you leave to go shopping for the last Christmas gifts to place under the Christmas tree, take some extra money along for an extra gift. This gibt will also sit under the Christmas tree, but the gift tag will read: "For Jesus who lives in you". Only this, no matter what is in. If you are economically well off, buy a toy or a voucher for a new garment. If not, just buy some candy, a candle, a card... The value of what is inside the parcel does not matter, what matters is the tag or the card that you attach.

Once your parcel is ready, put it under the Christmas tree, and on Christmas Eve, when all the gifts are shared, the only one to stay under the tree is the gift for... of Jesus. It's his. From December 26 on, take this parcel along with you. Depending on its size, in your wallet, your bag, your car... or leave it in your house and wait for Jesus giving you a call to fetch his gift. It is your choice.

Certainly, these days someone - a child, a poor person... - will come by and ask you for help. This is Jesus who comes to fetch his gift. Give it to him, but wathch out that the tag or card is at the parcel. Your brother will read what you wrote: "For Jesus who lives in you!" You will be moved and never forget this moment, and the one who got it, won't either.

Together we can make this Christmas a special one. We all or at least the majorty of us is facing economical problems, but just one more small gift won't make us poorer, and it will be the most precious gift in the world. If you want to share this, do so, maybe there is someone around who would just need to get this message. And themore we are, the more gifts Jesus will receive. One person alone cannot do it all, but together we will make Jesus rejoice in each person on earth...

As PressOffice Schoenstatt Team, we offer the gift of a star by the manger in the Original Shrine to each one who reads this message - for Jesus who lives in you.



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