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 published: 2008-12-30

A Festive Atmosphere Wherever We Went

The 3rd Merry Christmas in Bandeirantes


Frohe Weihnachten in Bandeirantes

Navidad Feliz en  Bandeirantes

Merry Christmas in Bandeirantes

Frohe Weihnachten in Bandeirantes


Kleine Geschenke für die Kinder

Entrega de regalos

Gifts for the children

Kleine Geschenke für die Kinder

Fotos: Julio César Jardim Pereira © 2008


BRAZIL, Julio César Jardim Pereira. At the end of yet another year, the Youth of Bandeirantes together with the Schoenstatt Boys Youth (Jumas) organized the 3rd Merry Christmas project which proved to be hugely successful, thanks to the inhabitants of the town who gave their immense support to ensure its success.

From the beginning of November onwards, we began to collect goods from the town’s business district and individual homes. Many items were collected, among them food supplies, toys and clothes for needy families. The participation of a larger number of donors this year allowed more families to receive help.

On 24 December, we set out at about 19:30 to distribute what we had collected. We passed through most of the neighbourhoods, handing out sweets, toys and ice cream to the children. We also made 21 hampers which given to 21 previously identified needy families. A festive atmosphere followed us wherever we went. One of our helpers dressed up as Father Christmas and everyone wanted to have a photograph taken, showering us with hugs and kisses. It was very beautiful to see the children so happy at least once during the year. By 22:00 we had completed our deliveries and celebrated yet another Merry Christmas in which everyone experienced a sense of fulfillment.

Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Johannesburg, South Africa



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