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 published: 2008-10-02

Schoenstatt, This Weekend

The 90th anniversary of Josef Engling’s death, a pilgrimage to Merville and Cambrai, an Illuminated Rosary in the retreat for religious in Metternich, pilgrimages from Ecuador and Argentina …


Schönstatt, dieses Wochenende

Schoenstatt, este fin de semana...

Schoenstatt, this weekend

Schönstatt, dieses Wochenende

Foto: K. Fischer © 2008


Wallfahrt nach Luján; im Hintergrund “Marias Zelt”

Peregrinación a Luján: en el fondo la Carpa de María

Pilgrimage to Luján; in the background, the Tent of Mary

Wallfahrt nach Luján; im Hintergrund “Marias Zelt”

Eine Initiative im Dienst der Pilger, ausgegangen von Schönstatt  

Es una iniciativa que nació en el Movimiento de Schoenstatt

It is an initiative that began in the Schoenstatt Movement

Eine Initiative im Dienst der Pilger, ausgegangen von Schönstatt

Fotos: Soros © 2008

Memorial in Merville, Frankreich  

Memorial en Merville, Francia

Memorial in Merville, France

Memorial in Merville, Frankreich

Heiligtum in Cambrai, Frankreich  

Santuario de Cambrai, Francia

Shrine in Cambrai, France

Heiligtum in Cambrai, Frankreich

Fotos: K. Fischer ©2008

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter am Grab von P. Esteban Uriburu  

Peregrinas en la tumba del Padre Esteban Uriburu

Pilgrim MTAs at the tomb of Fr. Esteban Uriburu

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter am Grab von P. Esteban Uriburu





Fotos: Crivelli © 2008




INTERNATIONAL, mfk. This Saturday October 4th at 17:30 hrs. when once again, the Rosary will be said in the Original Shrine in Spanish, again many people will join spiritually to the prayers in Shrines, wayside shrines, and home shrines.

United in the Covenant of Love, to pray for the intentions of all who have sent their petitions to the Original Shrine, as for all the activities that are happening around the Original Shrine and other Shrines all over the world.

This Saturday, the Schoenstatt Mothers from Argentina, who will arrive on Friday after visiting several Shrines in Germany and, before, Rome, will participate in this Rosary, praying also for all the intentions they brought to this place of grace.

90th Anniversary of the death of Josef Engling

This same 4th of October, the 90th anniversary of the death of Josef Engling also will be celebrated; on the occasion of this anniversary, 100 pilgrims from Germany, young people from Argentina, Ecuador, and the United States along with the Schoenstatt Family from Cambrai will meet in the Cambrai Cathedral for a celebratory Mass. Archbishop Francois Garnier of Cambrai will preside. In the afternoon, pilgrims will walk the "Josef Road" from Eswars to Thun St. Martin, following the last steps in the earthly life of Josef Engling.

During the day of October 3, there will be a celebration in the memorial at Merville, the place where Josef offered his life for Schoenstatt, with the parish. The parish priest there and the parishioners have strong ties to Josef Engling and show great interest in Schoenstatt.

Pilgrimages to Schoenstatt

From Argentina on the 3rd of October, the pilgrimage of the Mothers’ Branch along with Sister Mariela arrives; they remain at Schoenstatt until the 11th of October. Then on Thursday evening, a group from Ecuador will be arriving, and then on the 14th another group from Ecuador will arrive to experience October 18th at the Original Shrine.

The 12th of October is the diocesan pilgrimage of Aachen, Germany; Auxiliary Bishop Karl Bosch, in charge of the family pastorate will accompany them.

October 12: 10th anniversary of the death of Fr. Esteban Uriburu

 On October 12, it is ten years of the death of Fr. Esteban Uriburu, Schoenstatt Father from Argentina, who became the instrument to make the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign international. Meeting John Pozzobon in Santa Maria (while writing a book on the Visits of Father Kentenich to Latin America) he discovered that the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign was offered to Schoenstatt as a stream of life and grace that would help it reach out to the people and sprad it to the ends of the earth. From this moment on, he dedicated his life to not only spread the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign to new countries, but to also form a circle of people who would understand the deep impact and the holiness of this new initiative of the MTA in view of Schoenstatt's mission and future.

May he from heaven now intercede that the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim MTA and the holy heritage of John Pozzobon will always find instruments that are ready to serve it selflessly and faithful to ist origin.

Translation: amj, USA



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