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 published: 2008-10-24

"…you do not support the root; the root supports you."( Romans 11:18)

Triduum of the Schoenstatt Family of Poland


Triduum der Schönstatt-Familie von Polen: Lieder der Mädchenjugend

Triduo de la familia de Schoenstatt de Polonia: la Juventud Femenina cantando

Triduum of the Schoenstatt Family of Poland : the Schoenstatt Youth singing

Triduum der Schönstatt-Familie von Polen: Lieder der Mädchenjugend


Vortrag des Leiters der Schönstatt-Bewegung, Pater A. Sosna

Conferencia del Director del Movimiento, P. A. Sosna

The Movement Director, Fr. A. Sosna, giving a conference

Vortrag des Leiters der Schönstatt-Bewegung, Pater A. Sosna

Schw. Inga und P. Sosna  

La Hna. Inga y el P. Sosna

Sister Inga and Fr. Sosna

Schw. Inga und P. Sosna

Singen macht einfach Spaß  

Es tan lindo cantar...

It is so nice to sing...

Singen macht einfach Spaß

Fotos: Wilandt © 2008


POLAND, Violetta Wilandt. The Polish Schoenstatt Family met in Swider, near the Sanctuarium Fidelitatis, or Shrine of Faithfulness, on October 16-19, 2008. The representatives from every part of the community –Schoenstatt Youth, Family and Mothers’ League, Family and Women’s Federation, Sisters, Schoenstatt Fathers, Institute Our Lady of Schoenstatt, and two families from Belarus - came together to pray, and to summarize a year’s work with the motto: From the Shrine spread out My fire and to determine the new motto.

Prayers were offered for the Father and Founder–forty years after his death, Pope John Paul II–thirty years after His election, and Bishop Ignacy Jeż–one year after His death. They also prayed for the beatification of Fr. Kentenich and JP II, for the new Schoenstatt Movement Protector in Poland, Bishop Paweł Cieślik from Koszalin, for all of the Schoenstatt family on the way to the year 2014. On the nights of the 17th and 18th, they had Adoration in Sanctuarium Fidelitatis.

The conferences were centered around the topic of Divine Providence: the biblical sense, the practical faith in Divine Providence, the discovering of God’s footprints, and S.M. Emilie Engel, a child of God’s Providence. The discussions were also very interesting, with frank sharing from their own experiences of God’s leading in their everyday lives.

On Saturday evening, the Family celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Election of John Paul II, by listening to and singing the Tatras songs and eating the famous Pope’s cakes called kremówki.

Yes, Father, I trust in you!

On the October 18th, they celebrated the Covenant Mass, and after that everyone renewed their Covenant of Love and burned the contributions to Capital of Graces.

At the end of the meeting on Sunday, the new motto was announced: Yes, Father – I trust in You! Then the Holy Mass was celebrated by giving thanks to God, the Blessed Mother, the Father and Founder, and to all for this meeting. After the Mass, everyone went to the Shrine to be sent into the world, to their families, and to their communities from this special place of graces. They entrusted their joys and sorrows, their successes and problems, their achievements and difficulties to the Father – who loves everyone unconditionally, who knows the best way for each person, and who leads us into everyday sanctity.

All were sent to be humble, little, confident children of God and Fr. Kentenich in everyday life....

Yes, Father – I trust in You!



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