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 published: 2008-09-19

The Pauline grace of the shrine

Covenant Day during the month of September: Pilgrims from Argentina, Mexico and several other countries fill the Original Shrine and the Covenant Mass – A call to protect the lives of the unborn


18. September: “Du hast uns aus vielen Ländern gerufen…”: Bündnismesse der Pilger aus Argentinien

18 de septiembre en Schoenstatt: “Desde muchas naciones os habéis reunido...” : Misa de Alianza de los peregrinos de Argentina

September 18 in Schoenstatt: “You called us from many peoples and nations” – Covenant Mass of the pilgrims from Argentina

18. September: “Du hast uns aus vielen Ländern gerufen…”: Bündnismesse der Pilger aus Argentinien


P. Guillermo Mario Cassone, Predigt im Urheiligtum

P. Guillermo Mario Cassone, prédica en el Santuario Original

Fr. Guillermo Mario Cassone, sermon in the Original Shrine

P. Guillermo Mario Cassone, Predigt im Urheiligtum

Die Pilger aus Argentinien  

Los peregrinos de Argentina

The pilgrims from Argentina

Die Pilger aus Argentinien

Bündnismesse der deutschen Schönstatt-Bewegung in der Pilgerkirche  

Misa de Alianza en la Iglesia de Peregrinos

Covenant Mass in the Pilgrims’ Church

Bündnismesse der deutschen Schönstatt-Bewegung in der Pilgerkirche

Pilger aus Monterrey, Mexiko  

Peregrinos de Monterrey, México

Pilgrims from Monterrey, Mexico

Pilger aus Monterrey, Mexiko

Fotos: K. Fischer © 2008

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum


SCHOENSTATT, mkf. This September 18th was a cold and sunny day, with the first colors of autumn; as every year Covenant Day falls between the anniversary of Father Kentenich’s death and that of his burial on September 20th. This September 15th the Schoenstatt Family throughout the world recalled the 40th Anniversary of the death of their Father and Founder. Masses were celebrated in many cathedrals and parishes of Chile, Argentina and of the world. In his homily on September 14th, Monsignor Robert Zollitsch , President of the German Episcopal Conference, called on everyone to go forward, to renew ourselves in the spirit of the Father and to look towards the future like he did – it was a sermon that resounded in the hearts of many on this 18th.

The memory of Father is a living memory that is a mission and constant challenge for us, as Father Javier Arteaga, Argentina, said in his covenant letter, and he continues: "On September 20, 1985, John Paul II told us at the Encounter with the Movement at the Vatican on the occasion of the centennial of the Father and Founders birth: You have gathered from many nations to express gratitude for the gift that God gave you in the person of Father Kentenich". Pilgrims from many nations also arrived at the Original Shrine on this September 18th.

"Give your heart to the Blessed Mother, everything else will follow"

In the morning, the pilgrimage from Argentina, along with Father Guillermo Mario Cassone and Father Pablo Poi, celebrated a Covenant Holy Mass in the Original Shrine, where they prayed in a very profound and touching way for everyone who renewed their Covenant of Love in the Shrines, wayside shrines and Homeshrines. In the homily Father Guillermo Mario shared a personal experience he had with Father Kentenich in Milwaukee a few weeks after learning about Schoenstatt. After a long conversation about many subjects, he asked Father Kentenich what was the most important thing in Schoenstatt. His response surprised him. Father told him: "Give your heart to the Blessed Mother, everything else will follow."

Meditating on the graces of the Shrine, Father Guillermo Maria said that the "most difficult grace, the most challenging one" was the third one, which is called the "Pauline grace": the grace of sending forth, the grace that makes us go our of our comfort zone, excuses, and timidity to take the Covenant of Love to the ends of the world…At the end of the Covenant Mass and after the renewal of the Covenant united with all the Schoenstatters of the entire world, he gave a special blessing to receive this Pauline grace, this Kentenich grace of looking towards the future, of conquest, of mission of new shores.

After Mass, the mandatory group photo was taken on their last day in Schoenstatt after a very blessed pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela and other pilgrimage places. They ended their pilgrimage in Schoenstatt; they were very tired and their suitcases, memory cards and hearts were full. (extra article)

In the afternoon 19 couples from Monterrey, Mexico arrived along with Father Marcel Mouras; in a few day they will go from Schoenstatt on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Like the Argentineans, they also went to the Covenant Mass of the German Movement, at the Pilgrims’ Church. There were almost 400 participants, about 160 were Latin Americans! It was pleasant touch of hospitality when Father Egon Zillekens greeted them in Spanish and he also informed them that there were copies of the summary of his homily in Spanish and they were distributed.

A call for life

The Association "Sign of Light" was in charge of the Mass and the texts they prepared for the Mass were a call to give their all for the protection of life. In his homily, Father Egon Zillekens summarized the theme. With hand on the pulse of time, in this Covenant Mass we want to renew our commitment with life, he said, with life from conception until death with dignity. The day after tomorrow there will be a large pro life march in Berlin, capital of Germany, similar to the one that was carried out in Ecuador last Sunday.

Six years ago, in Germany, women of the Mothers; Branch founded the Association "Sign of Light" to help pregnant women in situations of conflict. In Germany where abortion has been legalized for many years, "Sign of Light" wants to help pregnant women say YES to the baby they are expecting.

"In the Covenant of Love, we want to determine where we can give our all for life – in support of women – be it materially or spiritually -, in prayer, in initiatives that are pro-life", Father Egon said. "We can look at Jesus and how he treated people in situations of conflict: He did not condemn them, he did not leave them alone, rather he offered them salvation, new options, an open space to breathe, rest, to begin anew. The Gospel of today tells us: Be even more sensible; have no prejudices; never tell a pregnant woman: "Couldn’t you have prevented this?", and rejoice with life, regardless of how it began. Or we can imagine: is there a human being that grows that God did not want to live?"

With lighted candles in hand, everyone went to the Original Shrine singing and praying. As always the procession was led with flags and by those carrying the jars. When the rosary was prayed and all the Latin American pilgrims prayed loudly in Spanish, an international touch overcame over the procession… and it also happened at the renewal of the Covenant, where many voices could be clearly heard praying "Oh Senora mia…" After the celebration, at the fire, Father Guillermo Mario Cassone –holding an Italian flag- began to greet those present: Long live Mexico! Long Live Argentina! Long Live Italy! Long Live Germany! Long Live Portugal…To the tune of "Walking in the Covenant" and Mary of the Covenant". The family encounter concluded with most of the participants freezing on this starlit night.

We are already looking towards October 18th, the large celebration of the Covenant of Love in all the Shrines of the world. Here in Schoenstatt, all who arrive on that day are invited to bring the jars of their Shrine, to show how the richness of all the Shrines returns to the Original Shrine on this grandiose stream of graces.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, Texas, USA



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