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 published: 2008-08-19

"Little missionaries for Mary"

In San Luis Potosi, 16 children take the Pilgrim MTA to their companions


Kleine Missionare in San Luis Potosí



Misioneritos en San Luís Potosí

Little missionaries in San Luís Potosí

Kleine Missionare in San Luis Potosí

Foto: Gallardo © 2008




MEXICO, Felipe and Cuchi Gallardo. Mary wants to visit all her children and take the graces of the Shrine that are showered in that place.

There are many missionaries of all ages, and in many parts of the world…The children could not be the exception; a smaller Pilgrim MTA was made for our missionary children.

In San Luis Potosi there are 16 little missionaries that prepare monthly to take a message of the Blessed Mother’s love to other children. Saturday, August 9th nine little missionaries were commissioned.




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