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 published: 2008-07-04

"She always goes with us."

PURE LIFE: An encounter at the Hospital in San Martín in Asunción


Sie ist immer dabei...

Ella siempre nos acompaña...

She always accompanies us...

Sie ist immer dabei...

Foto: POS Fischer © 2008


The coordinators for the Rosary Campaign in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Ana Maria and Luis Alvarenga, have a son with a thyroid problem. Recently when they had to hospitalize their son in Asunción, they had an exciting encounter with the Blessed Mother…

We came with Emilio Luis to Asunción, and after staying more than eighteen hours in the Prevention Center, we were transferred to the San Martin hospital.

It was a terrible day, but in the entrance to the hospital, there was like a ray of light that brought me peace and hope; a niche with a large picture of the Blessed Mother surrounded by many flowers.

Soon in the room by the wall, another picture of the Blessed Mother, and all over the hospital… Emilio received a snack and sat down and began to cry, so I ask him, "What’s wrong son?" And he points to the picture of the Blessed Mother in his room (then looks at me) and I say, "Yes, as we entered the hospital she was already here to receive us; She was waiting to shelter and protect you, so you can recover."

Between his tears, he told me, "All this time She was in my heart and in my thoughts, but now with this picture here in the room, I feel her living presence."



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