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 published: 2008-06-03



Glück ist etwas, das man vorher entscheidet

La felicidad es algo que uno decide con anticipación

Happiness is something that you decide before...

Glück ist etwas, das man vorher entscheidet

Foto: Uschi Dreiucker/pixelio © 2008

Mrs. Pepita’s Joy

Happiness is something one looks forward to with anticipation

Mrs. Pepita, well balanced and a proud ninety-two years of age, was completely ready each morning at eight o’clock sharp, with her hair combed, and her make-up perfectly applied in spite of being almost totally blind; today she made arrangements to move into assisted living for the elderly. Her husband of seventy years had died, making the move a necessity. After many hours of patiently waiting in the reception area of the center, she smiled sweetly when they told her that her room was finally ready.

While being escorted onto the elevator, I described her small room to her, including the sheets and the curtains. "I’m delighted," she said enthusiastically like an eight-year old kid who had just seen a new puppy. "Mrs. Pepita, you haven’t seen the room… yet." "I don’t need to see it," she said. "Happiness is something one looks forward to with anticipation. The fact that I like or don’t like my room, isn’t dependent on how the room is arranged, but it depends on how I have set my mind. I’d already decided before hand that I would be delighted."

"It’s a decision I make every morning I get up."

"These are my possibilities: I can pass the day in bed counting the difficulties that I have with parts of my body that no longer work, or I can rise from the bed and give thanks for the things that do work. Each day is a gift, and from the time that my eyes open, I will focus on the new day and on the happy memories that I have… only for this moment in my life. Old age is like a bank account… you take out what you deposited in it."

"So, you begin to deposit a great amount of joy in the bank account of your memories remembering these five simple rules to be happy:

  1. Free your heart from hatred and resentments.
  2. Free your mind from being preoccupied
  3. Live humbly.
  4. Give more.
  5. Expect less."

Source: Tupãrenda, Paraguay Magazine



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