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 published: 2008-06-06

Schoenstatt this weekend

Pilgrimage to the Original Shrine by Croatians living in Germany, Illuminated Rosary, Anniversary of the Shrine in Rosario...

Schönstatt an diesem Wochenende

Schoenstatt: questa fine settimana

En Schoenstatt, este fin de semana...

In Schoenstatt, this weekend

Schönstatt an diesem Wochenende


15. Weihetag des Heiligtums in Rosario, Argentinien

15° aniversario del Santuario de Rosario, Argentina

15th anniversary of the Shrine in Rosario, Argentina

15. Weihetag des Heiligtums in Rosario, Argentinien

Rosenkranz im Urheiligtum  

Rosario en el Santuario Original

Rosary in the Original Shrine

Rosenkranz im Urheiligtum


Rosario Iluminado

Illuminated Rosary


Fotos: POS Fischer © 2008


SCHOENSTATT, mfk. Saturday, June 7th, 2008 at 5:30 PM it’s again time for reciting the rosary in the Original Shrine with many other people who will be uniting spiritually in Sister Shrines, Wayside Shrines, and Home Shrines, or later listen to the recording in Internet, united in the Covenant of Love, to pray for intentions from everyone who sent their petitions to the Original Shrine, and for all the activities taking place at the Original Shrine and other Shrines throughout the world.

There are three young women from Ecuador and Chilé now staying at Schoenstatt for their Time at Schoenstatt, who promised to pray the mysteries and lead the music. A half hour before the rosary, and on Mount Schoenstatt in the Adoration Church, the Illuminated Rosary will be offered, presided over by the Pilgrim MTA, like two weeks ago at the Catholic Conference in Osnabrueck, where it was a big success.

On the same Saturday, there is a pilgrimage at Schoenstatt for eighty Croatians who live in Germany – some from Koblenz but others who are coming together as a group from Siegen, Germany, a couple of hours away. Sister Ramona is in charge of the conference they are having, the Holy Mass, and prayer in the Original Shrine. And this just a week before the Croatians will be blessing the cornerstone of the first Shrine in their country!

In addition, there are a number of retreats: the Multicolored Weekend, in House Sonneanau, a retreat for professional women, and a retreat for the circle of prayer…

Sunday is a Pilgrimage day for the Families in the Original Shrine and for Sunday afternoon, a pilgrimage from Chilé will be arriving.

"Stay and pray"

In the Schoenstatt Shrine in Weiskirchen of the Manguncia diocese, there is a blessing for the mothers and parents.

To mark the 850th anniversary of the founding of Munich on June 7th, there will once again be the "Stay and Pray activity" in pedestrian zone of the city. The City Church is open and hosting the "stay and pray" event. It is sponsored by the youth ministry, and several Movements of the diocese: Emmanuel, Focolare, Schoenstatt, Verbum Dei, Youth 2000, Crusaders of St. Mary, and the New Way Community. They go to put a gigantic banner up on the upper doors of the church with the phrase: Where is God? Come and see! Young people approach those who come and invite them to say a prayer or give them an intention so that they promise to pray.

Anniversary of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Rosario, Argentina

The Schoenstatt Family of Rosario anxiously awaits the festival with the motto: 15

Years of Blessings of our Shrine. The celebration will take place this Sunday the 8th of June at 10:00 AM. Adoration in the Shrine, a testimonial panel, and motivating discussions are all part of the program. They will close the festivities with Mass

at 3:30 PM. There will be a day of festivities and joy in that they are celebrating Our Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, the first disciple and missionary of Jesus.

Translation: amj, USA



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