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 published: 2008-05-27

A new priest forever

Priestly ordination of Afonso Wosny Filho … of Schoenstatt

Priesterweihe von P. Afonso Wosny in Londrina, 24. Mai 2008

Ordenación sacerdotal del P. Afonso Wosny, en Londrina, 24 de mayo de 2008

Ordination of Fr. Afonso Wosny in Londrina , May 24, 2008

Priesterweihe von P. Afonso Wosny in Londrina, 24. Mai 2008


Beim Einzug

Procesión de entrada

Entrance procession

Beim Einzug

Hier bin ich…  

Aqui estoy…

Here I am, Lord…

Hier bin ich…

Chor der Marienschwestern  

Coro de las Hermanas de María

Schoenstatt Sisters’ choir

Chor der Marienschwestern

Der Vater und die Schwester des Neupriesters bringen Stola und Messgewand  

El Padre y la hermana del neosacerdote llevan la casulla y la estola

The father and sister of the newly ordained priest bring vestment and stole

Der Vater und die Schwester des Neupriesters bringen Stola und Messgewand





P. Afonso dankt allen  

P. Afonso agradece a todos

Fr. Afonso thanks all

P. Afonso dankt allen

Von kleinen Engeln umgeben...  

Rodeado de angelitos...

Surrounded by angels

Von kleinen Engeln umgeben...

Fotos: Javier Cabral © 2008

Álbum de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum


BRAZIL, Javier Cabral. "Afonso Wosny Filho… of Schoenstatt," were some of the words spoken by Bishop Orlando from Londrina. Son of Schoenstatt… defines Father Afonso very well or Afonsinho until the Saturday before the ordination.

During the time of his novitiate, Afonso was in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay; in 1999, while carrying out his practicum, he established a great friendship with the members of the Schoenstatt Family from Ciudad del Este. About fourteen pilgrims hired a bus to go to his ordination.

The same smile, the same joy, the same enthusiasm

At noon on Saturday the 24th of May, the Feast of Mary the Helper, the pilgrims from Paraguay met Afonso at the Londrina Shrine. The emotional embraces and greetings made it seem as if time had not passed, they saw him with the same smile, the same joy, the same enthusiasm. A few hours earlier at the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, a rosary was prayed for Father Afonso Wosny, while at the same during the Illuminated Rosary at the National Conference of Catholics at Osnabrueck, a rose and a candle were offered for him – in the providential presence of Hildegard Fischer, his leader during the social practice, which he carried out years ago at a children’s home in Germany. She was also his "boss" when he worked at almost at the beginning of the website.

At the Cathedral of Londrina

The ordination ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Londrina. The Sisters of Mary had taken care of all the details for the seating of the visitors and relatives, as well as the floral arrangements. There was an enormous picture of the MTA at the right side. There was also a poster with the phrase: You are a priest forever.

Before the ceremony, Father Mateus oriented those in attendance. While the people continued to arrive at the very large cathedral, Father Severino, the Master of Ceremonies, moved from one side to another, while the choir made the final adjustments.

Beginning of the celebration.

The entrance procession began at 6:30 p.m. when the priests and seminarians of the Ignis Profetai Course solemnly entered. Afonso sat in a chair in front of the altar. His relatives sat behind him on the first row. His brother Cesar Wosny read one of the readings. During the homily, the Auxiliary Bishop, Albano came forward holding an envelope in his hand, and he requested that two chairs be brought in front of the altar. He explained that it was time for the elderly priest to give the "little priest" some advice.

So, as if they were in a drawing room and with a pleasant talk, Bishop Albano, spoke in a paternal tone, and began giving "advice" to Afonso based on the readings. Afonso listened like a son listening to his father.

Bishop Albano mentioned that during an ordination many photos are taken, but they only show the exterior part of the person. A priest must know his interior, and for this something more is necessary, some x-rays, and he took several x-rays from the envelope that he used as examples while he presented the different characteristics that a priest should embody in order to take care of in the interior of the people.

Imposition of hands

The church was completely filled and the people listened attentively to the homily or the pleasant talk. After the presentations and the prostration, Bishop Orlando imposed his hands and then the priests who were present also imposed their hands. During the prostration, the Sisters of Mary took their place in the choir to sing the Litany of the Saints.

Then Father Afonso and his sister Renate presented the chasuble and the stole that were placed on the newly ordained priest with the help of two course brothers, Father Nicolás from Chile and Federico Piedrabuena, a seminarian from Argentina.

After the embrace by the Fathers and his relatives, Father Afonso took his place at the altar to concelebrate. During the communion, the longest line was formed in front of the newly ordained priest.

A shower of petals

Father Afonso expressed his gratitude with emotional words to everyone who was present, and he recalled that he had made his First Communion at this church. Then he explained his priestly motto: "I called you by name."

Then Bishop Orlando asked that all the Sisters of Mary and the Schoenstatt Ladies to come forward to sing a song to Mary the Helper. Since this was not on the program; they were hesitant at first, but they came forward to sing, and they received a warm applause.

After the final procession, Father Afonso received many greetings in the atrium.

Everyone went to the Sisters of Mary, School of Mother of God, where a reception had been prepared.

There, waiting for Father Afonso, was a line of small angels who surrounded him when he arrived and they danced. They accompanied him to the center where a toast was made in the midst of a shower of petals.

A tribute was made by his Boys’ Youth Group

His companion of the Boys’ Sanctuary Group made a presentation on a screen; it was interrupted by one of the little angels who disconnected the equipment when he moved. After the cable was reconnected and the little angel was seated, everyone enjoyed the photos of Father Afonso when he was in the Boys’ Group. During the toast, the people commented that the ceremony and Father Albano’s homily had been wonderful.

Time passed as the people joyfully ate, sang, and laughed. On this night the Sisters of Mary missed their usual bedtime, but it was worth it since Afonso, a son of Londrina, was ordained.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA/amj



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