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 published: 2008-04-29

A Pilgrim MTA for each Our Father and Hail Mary

The Illuminated Rosary celebrated on the 18th in Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina


18 de abril: Rosario Iluminado en Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina

April 18, Covenant Day: Illuminated Rosary in Santa Fe, Argentina

18. April, Bündnistag: Lichter-Rosenkranz in Santa Fe, Argentinien


La familia de Schoenstatt se congregó en la iglesia parroquial

The Schoenstatt family gathered in the parish church

Die Schönstattfamilie lud ein in die Pfarrkirche


Adoración del Santisimo

Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament

Eucharistische Anbetung

Fotos: Alemandi © 2008


ARGENTINA, Maria Rosa Alemanda. In the city of Rafaela in the Santa Fe province of Argentina, each month on the 18th there is a party for the whole Schoenstatt Family. At times it is celebrated with the 1,000 Hail Mary’s in Adoration, others with the 1,000 Hail Mary’s at the wayside shrine, or well, with the Illuminated Rosary in Adoration as it was said this April 18th in the Parish Church at Rafaela.

The illuminated rosary was equipped with candles and with a pilgrim MTA for each Our Father and each Hail Mary. It seems all the missionary love that lives in this city joined at this moment to give honor to Jesus in the Eucharist… With great pride, Rafaela’s missionaries sent the pictures, "so the Schoenstatt Family all over the through the webpage can know of our activities." This rosary, as with each activity of the

18th, is carried out and shares a strong link to the Original Shrine. The articles about the activities that take place at the Original Shrine are very much appreciated by all the missionaries and missions. "As soon as they appear , I forward all of them so that in part we ‘live’ with Original Shrine, and unite in our common roots", shares Maria Rosa.

Translation: amj, USA



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