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 published: 2008-03-07

Moving the people

Schoenstatt in the program, "Theo.Logik" from Radio Bavaria 2

Interview im Würzburger Studio von Bayern 2

Entrevista en el estudio de „Bayern 2“

Interview in the studio of “Bayern 2”

Interview im Würzburger Studio von Bayern 2


Norbert Becker (links) beim Interview

Norbert Becker (izq) durante la entrevista

Norbert Becker (left) during the interview

Norbert Becker (links) beim Interview


Fotos: Schönstatt-Jugend Würzburg © 2008


GERMANY, Norbert Becker/mkf. The message, "The Schoenstatt-Youth will be on the radio," was announced germany-wide last Monday in the Würzburger Schönstatt-Youth Internet site and in the Newsletter from The emergence of Schoenstatt in the media is now no longer the sensation that it was just a few years ago, and in many cases, the media presence of Schoenstatt is maturing from self-portrayal into a constructive add-on and shaping of the media world – in other words, Schoenstatt’s media presence is becoming apostolic. In Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, the USA and numerous other countries, Schoenstatt members make regular contributions for Schoenstatt and the Church on the radio more and more hours each week (often utilizing articles from, or the virtual retreat from Father Nicolás, and using the "Pedagogical Letters" that discuss Schoenstatt’s applied pedagogy). One such apostolic contribution broadcasted on the program, Theo.Logik on Channel Bavaria 2 last March 3rd.

The topic, "Youth and Faith", was presented on the program, "Theo.Logik" on Bavaria 2 with the question regarding the life- and faith-dimensions of young people. KJG (Catholic Young Community) and Schoenstatt Youth described their youth ministries under the topic, "Devotional, social, community-building? Varying Styles shape the religious efforts of youth today".

Norbert Becker (Schoenstatt Young Men’s Covenant Circle speaker) was also present in this panel in the Würzburg BR Studio and engaged in a 40-minute interview with Patrick Obrusnik in more detail regarding youth ministries. Also, a KJG representative talked about the work of "Catholic Young Community".

In these discussions, many similarities were noted but also clear differences. "The pleasant and benevolent environment of the interviews was above all the most beautiful part," commented Norbert Becker. It is interesting, by the way, that the radio program’s chief editor found the interview partner via the Internet presence of the Würzburg Schoenstatt Youth

"Unfortunately, only a small part of the very interesting and harmonious 40-minute interview could be presented in the program," stated Norbert Becker. "I want to stress here once more that it was genuinely a good interview with the KJG and no debate or the like.

We clearly have genuinely different views, and I am so happy that we are different, that we are who we are. One must remember as well that KJG really has a completely different clientele. I think they really stand in part still once more on the border of the ways than where we stand…" He concluded that it was worthwhile in any case. In terms of Schoenstatt Youth’s current-year slogan, the interview may have moved people!

What is otherwise still to come

A "cinematic guidebook featuring the region in which this TV channel broadcasts" corresponds with the series of the South-west Broadcast (SWR), "Drive right in", and was filmed in Schoenstatt last mid-February. The broadcast time is not yet determined. For more information, follow up with SWR.

In Mid-April, short takes for the series, Hierzuland, also from SWR Broadcast, will shoot in Schoenstatt. In the series, towns and regions in Rheinland-Pfalz, the Saarland and Baden-Württemberg will be depicted highlighting these places’ histories and the notable people who have lived and still live in these areas. A short time ago, Simmern and the Priests’ House on Mt. Moriah were already introduced in a clip.

A private residential broadcaster, TV Mittelrhein, in Urbar next to Vallendar is currently preparing a longer program featuring Schoenstatt interviews that discuss Schoenstatt as a way of faith for modern-day people.

Translation: Melissa Ann Schmid, Rochester, MN, USA

Interview im Würzburger Studio von Bayern 2



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Fotos: Schönstatt-Jugend Würzburg © 2008



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