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 published: 2008-03-14

«That all may be one». (Jh.17,21) We were born for these words, for unity, to contribute towards its fullfillment in the world. (Chiara Lubich)

Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, died this morning

Chiara Lubich


Chiara Lubich

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ITALY, mkf. Mourning in the Church, mourning in the Movement, mourning also in Schoenstatt: This morning, Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, died in her home in Rocca di Papa, near Rome, accompanied by the prayers of her foundation, of innumerable leaders and members of other Ecclesial Movements and Communities.

For a few days already, Chiara Lubich expressed her desire to "return home". The decision was made Wednesday evening and she returned to her home at Rocca di Papa after being discharged from the Gemelli Hospital where she had developed serious respiratory problems. Professor Salvatore Valente, Head of the Pneumology Department of the University Hospital declared, "In accordance with Chiara’s expressed desire, she has been discharged." He assures, "She will continue receiving all the necessary medication including respiratory support. Unfortunately her present condition shows no response to the treatment."  

Mary’s spiritual presence

Up until Wednesday afternoon, Chiara was able to kept informed on all her incoming correspondence by her personal secretary, Eli Folonari, On Thursday morning,  Chiara wanted to greet the Focolarine and Focolarini who had started the Movement with her. She continued to inspire great serenity. Two days ago, she confided that she felt Mary’s spiritual presence near her. Chiara has lived all her life in profound communion with Mary. The work (Opera) which she has founded is, in fact, called Work (Opera) of Mary, the name by which the Focolare Movement has been approved by the Church.

These last few days were characterized by intense unity and constant prayer throughout the worldwide Movement. Andrea Riccardi from the St. Egidio’s Community and Salvatore Martinez of Renewal in the Spirit assured the members of Focolare of their continued prayer.

This morning in Schoenstatt, Mons. Peter Wolf celebrated Holy Mass for her and her community in this moment of mourning, loss, and time of transition. May this new epoch be marked by grace for the Focolare Movement as the heirs of her charisma. May they experience a new way of being united, led and accompanied by their foundress.

Schoenstatt unites in prayerful gratitude to the friends of the Focolare Movement

Chiara Lubich's historical visit to Schoenstatt, to the Original Shrine and the tomb of our Founder, Fr Kentenich, in the context of the 50th anniversary of the third milestone (into the Church), has meant a lot to Schoenstatt on our way to offer our own charisma to the church. This will forever unite us in gratitude towards her, and in friendship with the Focolare Movement.

From the Original Shrine, and all our Shrines, prayers will accompany our friends of the Focolare Movement and all who mourn the death of one of the most decisive personalities of the church. Rest in peace, and continue with your mission from heaven,  Chiara Lubich!

«That all may be one». (Jh.17,21) We were born for these words, for unity, to contribute towards its fullfillment in the world. (Chiara Lubich)



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