Leben Pur - Pure life - Pura Vida
 published: 2008-02-15

Rossi, behold your Mother….

A life with the MTA in the Covenant of Love

Siehe deine Mutter&

Ahí tienes a tu Madre...

Behold your Mother….

Siehe deine Mutter…

Foto: POS Fischer © 2008


In Tuparenda

En Tuparenda

At Tuparenda

In Tuparenda

  Familie im Liebesbündnis

Una familia en la Alianza de Amor

A family in the Covenant of Love

Familie im Liebesbündnis

  Heiligtum von Tuparenda

El Santuario de Tuparenda

The Shrine in Tuparenda

Heiligtum von Tuparenda

Fotos: Pardo © 2008


PURE LIFE, Rossi León de Ferreira. I waited anxiously for that day. I prepared with enthusiasm, joy, and spiritually through constant prayer and reconciliation with our Lord Jesus Christ. Saturday, October 6th like a bride on her wedding day, I was dressed in my best clothes and my heart was beating a thousand miles per hour.

During the ceremony all my feelings were attentive to everything. The meaning of each word was profound like it was for me alone. My heart filled with love for Jesus. He was present; stopping before me to present me to his Mother, like that day when he told John, the disciple he loved …. and he said to me: "Rossi behold your Mother!"… and the Virgin Mary received me in a flood of tenderness and love.

It was a unique experience: feeling the warmth of the embrace, of knowing the love and protection like a child in the arms of its mother, and feeling the beating of her heart - heart to heart.

I am a daughter of God

In the renewal of Baptism, the real presence of the Holy Spirit was manifested in the words declared by Father Antonio Cosp, while pouring the water upon my head: "That she is a true witness of Christ and will always be prepared to serve others and her family…" this made my legs shake and my heart beat very rapidly, I had a lump in my throat. For me, this fact represented the maximum expression of the love of God the Father since being an adult, he noticed my faith in him. It is this Father, who was giving me everything, it’s a double stamp of belonging: "I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD," and in capital letters!

In the Shrine, before the image of the Blessed Mother during the reading of our matrimonial prayers, I broke down crying tears of joy and gratitude for the many graces, the abundance of love received, since I am just God’s unworthy servant.

The strength and courage to take an important decision in my life

The welcome of the Schoenstatt Family was impressive; warming my burning heart. To feel like a real member of the community life of this Family is extraordinary.

A few days later, full of Mary’s love - my ally in everything- I had the strength and the courage for making an important decision in my life. My life took an important turn for the benefit of my loved ones, especially my children.

Translation: amj, USA



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