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 published: 2008-02-15

"People say I smile too much!"

Pure Life: discovering what Schoenstatt means to me

Josefina Veloso aus Santiago, Chile, in der Hauskapelle der Sonnenau

Josefina Veloso, de Santiago, Chile, en la capilla de Sonnenau

Josefina Veloso, from Santiago, Chile, in the chapel of Sonnenau

Josefina Veloso aus Santiago, Chile, in der Hauskapelle der Sonnenau

Foto: Melissa Schmid © 2008


PURE LIFE, Melissa Ann Schmid. Josefina Veloso (17) arrived in Schoenstatt at the beginning of the week and is staying until February 16th. For the past year, she has been on a personal journey to identify where she best fits in with her given talents. A little more than a year ago, she moved with her parents from the town of Iquique in northern Chile to Santiago. Currently, she is engaged in a three-month program learning English in Nottingham. In April, she will begin her last year of high school in Santiago.

After growing up with Schoenstatt in Iquique, she knew that she just had to visit the Original Shrine while she was in Europe. "At home, I donít have much time to sit down with God in the Shrine and pray. But here in Schoenstatt, I am separated from the distractions of my everyday environment and have discovered such grace from the Original Shrine and Father Kentenichís tomb."

Being the relatively new girl in Santiago has not been an easy adjustment for Josefina. Back in Iquique, her Schoenstatt Girls Youth Group consisted of 15 members. In Santiago, she was overwhelmed by the hundreds of members who all seemed to know each other. She recalls how even though everyone was friendly, it was still difficult for her to feel like she belonged; she was lonely. And with school, studies, family, and work, there was a lot to adjust to.

Her personal pilgrimage to Schoenstatt has impacted her in a very special way. "People always tell me that I smile too much! I think itís a gift because it helps me to reach out to others." She has identified a mission for herself: to make people feel welcomed and to comfort those who are lonely. "I can carry out my mission in little ways like smiling and talking to people who look like they need a friend." She will go back to Santiago with new strength and courage and make an effort to more actively participate with the Schoenstatt Santiago Youth. She realizes now that, "Schoenstatt is the source of living."



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