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 published: 2008-02-26

The Family gathers around the Shrine

The Schoenstatt Family from Jaraguá begins the year

Jahreseröffnung beim Heiligtum in Jaraguá, Brasilien

Apertura de las actividades del año en el Santuario de Jaraguá, Brasil

Opening of the year’s activities at the shrine in Jaraguá, Brazil

Jahreseröffnung beim Heiligtum in Jaraguá, Brasilien


Die Schönstattjugend mit ihren Leitern

La Juventud con sus jefes de rama

The Schoenstatt Youth with their leaders

Die Schönstattjugend mit ihren Leitern





Vortrag: P. Pedro Cabello, Leiter der Schönstatt-Bewegung  

Conferencia: P. Pedro Cabello, Director Nacional

Conference: Fr. Pedro Cabello, Movement Director

Vortrag: P. Pedro Cabello, Leiter der Schönstatt-Bewegung





Fotos: Cassio Leal © 2008


BRAZIL, Casio Leal. The Schoenstatt Family from Jaraguá, San Pablo, celebrated the start of the year and the beginning of the activities of 2008 around the Shrine.

February 24th all the branches of the Schoenstatt Family of Jaraguá gathered near the Shrine for the start of the year marking the beginning of branch activities in the family. The theme for the conference this year was: The Schoenstatt Family from Jarguá lives the second triennium as a free and Marian personality.

They began with a breakfast prepared by the Family and Mothers Branches. Then they all went to a tent close to the Shrine to listen to the presentation by Father Pedro Cabello, National Director of the Movement.

Preparation for the centenary

During his presentation Father Pedro spoke about the most important themes for the work of the Schoenstatt Family regarding the centenary of the Covenant of Love – in 2014 – and about the second triennium of this work, beginning in 2008 and the focus being now on the attachment to the Blessed Mother as a central figure.

After the talk by the National Director, those present worked in small groups composed of members from all the branches to provide better integration among all the members of the Family and to give each person the opportunity to express their own point of view about the challenges of the Schoenstatt Family during this coming year.

It was only the beginning of the work

Each branch presented their projects and the works they will carry out during the year so everyone could internalize what each branch would be doing this year. The Boys’ and Girls’ Youth provided energetic musical offerings giving the rest breaks a special touch.

After closing remarks given by the coordinator of the council and the closing prayer in which the entire Family renewed their consecration, the meeting was adjourned, and for the Schoenstatt Family from Jaraguá, a year of great work had begun.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA/amj



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