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 published: 2008-01-15

A gold medal for the MTA

Osvaldo Frigerio’s Covenant of Love in the Mar del Plata Shrine


Liebesbündnis von Osvaldo Frigerio im Heiligtum in Mar del Plata, Argentinien

Alianza de Amor de Osvaldo Frigerio en el Santuario de Schoenstatt en Mar del Plata

Covenant of Love of Osvaldo Frigerio in the Shrine in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Liebesbündnis von Osvaldo Frigerio im Heiligtum in Mar del Plata, Argentinien


Bischof Juan Alberto Puiggari leitet den Ritus.

Preside: Mons. Juan Alberto Puiggari

Presiding: Bishop Juan Alberto Puiggari

Bischof Juan Alberto Puiggari leitet den Ritus.


Oración de Alianza

Covenant prayer


Lass mich dein Werkzeug sein  

Quiero ser tu instrumente

Let me be your instrument

Lass mich dein Werkzeug sein

Nach der Weihefeier mit Bischof Piuggari  

Después de la Alianza, con Mons. Alberto

After the Covenant, with Bishop Puiggari

Nach der Weihefeier mit Bischof Piuggari

Fotos: Hna Marie Madeleine © 2008


ARGENTINA, Sister Marie Madeleine/mkf. In 1983 he won a gold medal for the high jump during the South American Championship in Santa Fe of Veracruz, Argentina. He is a six-time Argentinean champion in different categories having represented his country sixteen times in outside athletic competitions. He knows how to win. January 18th marked a month since the Blessed Mother gained him as an ally, and it has been a month since he sealed his Covenant of Love in the Mar del Plata Shrine. Professor Osvaldo Frigerio has been a missionary of the Rosary Campaign since July 2007.

Professor Osvaldo Frigerio was born in 1963. He is a National Professor in physical education specializing in aerobics athletic work and high jump techniques. He is an athletic trainer for conventional athletes and those with handicaps. In addition to this facet as an exercise trainer, he has designed, developed, and set up a Web page with information about physical development.

In May 1994, an Honorable Councilman named him Outstanding Citizen of the City of Mar del Plata for his social and athletic contributions. There is a tournament that carries the name of Osvaldo Frigerio. But there is more to this story than his athletic victories.

In February 20, 1994 he had an accident at sea near Playa Punta Mogotes, in the city of Mar del Plata, leaving him a severe and permanent quadriplegic with a seventy percent disability.

A spiritual experience for everyone

Osvaldo is missionary of the Pilgrim MTA. She, who cannot move if her missionaries do not take here where she wants to go, chose him as an instrument. In July 2007 he received his Pilgrim MTA at the Mar del Plata Shrine for visiting his work place and other people with physical impediments.

The same day he heard about the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, and he made it known that he wanted to seal it. Sister Marie Madeleine offered it to him as well as to other men who later made their missionary commitment; she prepared them together to seal the Covenant of Love. At the end, the other men didn’t continue for personal reasons, only Osvaldo Frigerio continued on the road to the Covenant of Love. Three men from the Family Work told him about their experiences with the Covenant of Love. What they transmitted was very real to life and concrete. Osvaldo Frigerio has always been very interested and open, and every meeting was transformed into a spiritual experience for everyone.

A Champion for the Blessed Mother

December 18th arrived. Since it was the last 18th of the year, Bishop Juan Alberto Puiggari, a very good friend to the Schoenstatt Movement in Mar del Plata and a pilgrim to the Shrine, celebrated the Covenant Mass, and he presided over the Covenant of Love ceremony for Osvald Frigerio. It was a very touching moment.

The Covenant of Love medal was pinned on his lapel as if it was a gold medal. It was a gold medal for the MTA; it was a gold medal for a true champion of the MTA.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA/amj



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