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 published: 2008-01-15

Twenty years as a missionary of the Blessed Mother

Pure Life: A Testimony of Transita Vázquez de Silva, from Paraguay


Frente del Santuario de Tuparenda

In front of the Shrine in Tuparenda

Vor dem Heiligtum in Tuparenda



Misioneros de la Campaña

Missionaries of the Campaign

Missionare der Kampagne

Fotos: Pardo © 2008


One day twenty years ago on the way to Caacupé, the National Marian Shrine of our country, I read a billboard that read: "Tuparenda." I contemplated on this and continued on my way, but this word stayed in my mind. I promised that some day I would go to this place, which at first glance already had the reputation as a dwelling of God because of its incomparable natural beauty.

It did not take long until one day I received a visit from the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt in my house. I placed it in the kitchen with great affection and devotion, since I spend most of the day here. At first I did not give it much importance, but the Blessed Mother seemed to notice me at all times.

And so 1986 continued…

The greatest grace I received in my life

A year later I felt as if someone was calling me; it was the Virgin who was asking me to be Her missionary. It was the greatest grace I received in my life. The picture of the Blessed Mother, which already dwelt in my house, began to travel from house to house, and many miracles were worked along the way.

A month later upon returning to my home, She finally found a special place, which is now my Home Shrine.

On all these visits we have made with the Virgin, more than one hundred missionaries have consecrated themselves to the Blessed Mother. This grace has continued. Over the years many miracles have been worked; they are spiritual and corporal graces, which demonstrate the Virgin is with those who implore Her protection.

In 2005 after many years as a missionary, my son gave me a wonderful gift. It was a carved image made of palosanto, a strong scented tropical wood, typically used for holy items in Paraguay, blessed in Tuparenda.

Upon receiving it, I didn’t hesitate for an instant, and I immediately thought of taking it to Chaco 610 kilometers from Asunción to enthrone it at the ranch of Mosil belonging to my eldest son.

Which is how the Blessed Mother heard the petition I had made and made it a reality. The palosanto image remained in the garden at the ranch, while a Wayside Shrine was built in front of the house, at the side of the Traschaco route going to Bolivia where She imparts blessings and protection to travelers as well as those who live on the ranch.

The miracle arrived to Chaco

The Blessed Mother was already far from Asunción at Her new house and not just as a decoration, but also to distribute Her graces to everyone who implores Her protection. After some time had passed, the day came when the Blessed Mother acted. The ranch foreman’s wife shared about her son who was very sick with pneumonia; he had a high fever and not one vehicle had passed by the place so that he could be taken to Mariscal Estigarribia, the closest hospital, eighty kilometers from the ranch. There was a truck at the ranch, but there was no one to drive it. The resources were limited. She desperately looked around and her gaze fell on the picture. She related how she then prayed to the Blessed Mother for the health of her son who was getting worse minute by minute. "Mother Mary, you are a mother too!" she cried. "You know what it means to lose a child. Please save my child now!" Right then her brother-in-law who knew how drive arrived and took her son to the hospital, and that is how he was saved.

During these twenty years as a missionary walking hand in hand with Mary, I have received so many graces that I wanted to share my wonderful experiences with you and the Blessed Mother. My dream came true when I met the Blessed Mother and Her miracles, which I still receive today. "Nothing without you, nothing without us."

That Wayside Shrine and the palosanto image were blessed by Bishop Zacarias Ortiz during a trip he took through Chaco with the Pilgrim MTA. Thanks to God, my children were present. Another wish was fulfilled, which just goes to show how the Blessed Mother is an inexhaustible source of graces.

Source: Tuparenda Magazine, Nov. 2007

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA/amj



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