Leben Pur - Pure life - Pura Vida
 published: 2008-01-25

A coupleís mission

Pure life: Two Schoenstatt volunteers, Beth Rockers and José Barriga, marry on February 2, 2008


Beth und Josť vor dem Exilheiligtum in Milwaukee

Beth y Josť en el Santuario del Exilio, Milwaukee

Beth and Josť at the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee

Beth und Josť vor dem Exilheiligtum in Milwaukee


Hochzeit ist am 2. Februar

Se casarŠn el 2 de febrero

They will marry on February 2nd

Hochzeit ist am 2. Februar

Fotos © Barriga 2008


PURE LIFE, José Barriga. They met at the heart of Schoenstatt in 2004, in the shadow of the Original Shrine. They never imagined that some years later God would unite their pathways forever.

Their first meeting in Germany was nothing out of the ordinary. They met among the many other volunteers from different countries of the world, who visited Schoenstatt either to help the different religious houses or to prepare the World Youth Day (2005). Beth volunteered for the Schoenstatt Sisters in the Mother house. José volunteered for the Schoenstatt Fathers in the Father house. Ironically the most intimate conversation they had during their time in Schoenstatt was, "How are you?"

The Movement founded by a person with a heart as wide as the world

Both of them went back to their native countries, Beth to the United States (Minnesota) and Jose to Bolivia (La Paz). Both continued participating in the Schoenstatt Movement with their respective youth groups, without even remembering each other. In the mean time, both began their own studies and work. Three years later, it just so happens that they meet each other on Facebook, an internet site where friends meet. Then they started to know each other better, and after a while they fell in love through the Internet!!!

After three months and against every friend and family prediction, Jose was able to visit Beth in Minnesota. Bethís family welcomed him as part of the family, and the two, with the respective cultural differences that enrich any kind of relationship, affirm the beauty of this Schoenstatt international movement, which was founded by a person who had an open sight for the whole world.

A couple of weeks later, Jose and Beth got engaged and set the wedding day for February 2nd.

For Schoenstatt and the whole church

Both families were shocked when they got the "news," but after several days of prayer and searching for our Fatherís will, they were finally convinced that this was Godís will. Leaving behind every fear, every uncertainty about other peopleís opinions, Beth and Jose made the decision to unite their lives through Christ, offering their whole beings to Schoenstatt and to the whole Catholic Church.

Now being a little stressed with the wedding preparations, both are sure that they received a great mission from Jesus through Schoenstatt, and now day by day they trust blindly in our Blessed Mother, who from the Shrine assures them of her guardianship and protection.

The first step of their mission, the wedding, is going to be in Minnesota, and the union of their hearts and the fountain of life and light for them is going to be in Jesusí heart.

Translation: Jose Barriga, Bolivia/amj, USA



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