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 published: 2007-06-01

Gifts for the Blessed Mother on Mother’s Day

Annual pilgrimage to the Schoenstatt grounds in Miami


Fest der Schönstattfamilie von Miami, USA

Fiesta de la Familia de Schoenstatt de Miami, USA

Feast of the Schoenstatt Family of Miami, USA

Fest der Schönstattfamilie von Miami, USA


In „Haus Schönstatt“  

En la Casa de Schoenstatt

At House Schoenstatt

In „Haus Schönstatt“


Aliana de Amor

Covenant of Love


Ein Blütenthron  

Un trono lleno de flores

A throne full of flowers

Ein Blütenthron


Juvnetud Femenina

Girls’ Youth


Fotos: Sara Ycaza© 2007


USA, sara Ycaza. On May 12th, the eve of Mother’s Day, the annual pilgrimage to the Schoenstatt grounds in Miami, Florida was held. The motto was: "Mary, with Jesus, visit the families".

The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign celebrated with the large number of missionaries who attended to receive the graces along with their Pilgrim MTAs so that she will continue on her pilgrimage for one more year, opening not only doors; but rather, hearts. This year the Auxiliary was crowned as Queen of the Families certain that she, as only she can, will take perfect care of the Schoenstatt Family and their respective biological families. Thirty nine missionaries assumed the responsibility certain that this apostolate which is always growing will continue entering into the families. As one missionary said: "The Blessed Mother enters" to which Father Christian Christensen, the local advisor responded: "What you say is true: She, our Mother enters in my life, she enters into my health, she enters into my problems, she enters; and she solves everything wherever she enters.

A throne of flowers

As usual, there was a procession, where the Blessed Mother was carried in the arms of Ángel, a missionary, who carried her from the place where we hope to some day build the Shrine of Miami to the house. At the sound of the "Angelus" intoned by everyone, we arrived to the multi-purpose hall where a throne full of flowers awaited the MTA. The throne was decorated by Nilza, a missionary of the Campaign and a member of the Mothers’ Branch; she also led the rosary with much love. 252 people who were assembled in different places – the Oratory, the hall, and the dining room - enjoyed the talk and the company of the Advisor. During the prayer of the Holy Rosary, fifty-three people respectively placed a rose in a vase, in this way forming a bouquet not only of roses but rather of Hail Marys. Then the Holy Mass was celebrated where the missionaries sealed or renewed the missionary commitment. At the end of the Mass, Father Christian imparted the blessing to everyone who attended with holy water, inviting the sick and those who wished to received the Sacrament of the Sick to form a line to the Oratory.

This Saturday of May is a gift for the Campaign, Sara shared: "After the efforts of the entire year, She manifests herself giving us these people who come to her to ask for her graces with so much love. And as Joao Pozzobon would say: "Every day (every year) a little bit more".

The future of Schoenstatt

The gifts for the Blessed Mother continued on the 13th, in which 12 girls from the Girls’ Youth sealed their Covenant of Love in a very touching ceremony as a gift to the Mother of heaven and to their biological mothers. It was beautiful when Father Christian received them into the Schoenstatt family. The Blessed Mother did take perfect care of them since the training that they receive is truly from a long distance. As of now they will be assisted by a Sister of Mary from Milwaukee, who is in charge of the youth, and surely this group will grow.

On the other hand, the girls composed a song for their mothers on Mother’s Day, that with it beautiful lyrics and music made all the mothers cry –and even the eyes of more than one father were filled with tears. This group of girls –from the city of Weston, some of them daughters of Schoenstatters and others conquered in the schools and in the neighborhood –are the future of Schoenstatt, and the pride of the local Family.

Another gift on this day were the 10 Covenants of Love sealed by the Mothers’ Branch, who prepared themselves in retreats given by sister Marie and Sister Angelita and in other meetings with Father Christian. It was precious to see the husbands taking photos and effusively congratulating them, and it was also very touching to see them surrounded by their families.


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